Chapter 47- Last Chapter

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"I'm not done," Naruto said. "Tsunade doesn't want you to see her. She thinks you'll do something-"

"Hell yeah, I'll do something!" Sasuke yelled. "I'm going to do what a right husband should do!" Naruto studied him carefully, then unlocked the door. "Then go ahead."


"Go ahead. If you're telling the truth... and if you're going to do the right thing, go right ahead. I won't stop you."

Sasuke stormed forward. "You're finally useful, Naruto."


Sasuke stopped.

"I swear, if anything else happens-" Sasuke turned around to see Naruto crying. "If you do anything to her that damages anything else, I'll put you right where you put Itachi. I'm being serious, Sasuke, y'know?!" Naruto had tears streaming down his eyes- and Sasuke felt something.

Naruto really was a great friend. For both Sasuke and Sakura.

His eyes softened. "Of course, I know. I know you're serious." Then, he turned around and started to sprint again.

Naruto stared at his retreating backside as he lifted his head. And laughed.

"Oh man, the world really hates us, huh?"




He sprinted. And ran. And rushed. All just to see her smiling face again.

"It's okay." How he wished just to hear those words coming out of her beautiful mouth. He threw open the door, panting and tears practically in his eyes.

There she was, in all her beauty.

She was speaking to Tsunade, who was taking notes. Then she smiled. And laughed.

Sasuke took a step forward. "Sakura..."

Tsunade glanced over and dropped her notes. "Uchiha! Didn't I... didn't Naruto... Naruto!" she clenched her teeth. "I am so going to fire you!"

Sakura was staring at her curiously. Sasuke took another step forward. "Sakura, it's me..."

She turned around and smiled. Straight at him. "Hello-"

That was it.

Sasuke rushed forward and melded his lips on hers, biting them and running his tongue over her juicy lips. Her eyes widened, but he didn't care; he hugged her closer and pressed harder, trying harder and harder to show how much he was sorry. How much he loved her.

"Uchiha, stop!"

Tsunade pulled them apart as Sasuke and Sakura lay, panting. Sasuke glared at her. "Tsunade-"

"I'm so sorry," Tsunade was explaining to Sakura, totally ignoring Sasuke. "He, ah... um..."

Sasuke pushed her aside as he stared into Sakura's green, green eyes. "I'm sorry," he said softly as he laced his fingers through hers. "I'm so sorry."

"Uh, forgive me, but..."

Sasuke's eyes widened at what she said.

"...who are you?"  

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