You'll See

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Gajeel: Hey... that's Range Rover. Get off of it!
Levy: *holds lilly* Maybe you should be more nice to the homeless. They don't have a family.
Natsu: *from above* You know that attitude towards the homeless is exactly Lucy is protesting about. *happy sits on his head*
Gajeel: Yeah yeah. Whatever. And that is what's going to get her performance taken away from her. No come on down. I want to talk to you.

*gray and Natsu comes downstairs*

Levy: You should really be a little bit more leaner with them.
Gajeel: No I can't I have to. It's what your father wants.
Levy: Forget what he says. Do what I say.
Natsu: you should listen to your wife. She is right
Gajeel: Gihii. That's funny. Well I want to talk about your rent. And Lucy's performance. I have a deal.
Natsu: What deal?
Gray: No don't fall for his tricks
Gajeel: Oh really?

Click the music

Gray: What happened to Gajeel? What happened to his heart? And the ideals he once persuaded.

Gajeel: and the owner of the of that lot next door has the right to do with it As he pleases.

Gray: Happy Birthday Jesus

Gajeel: The rent

Natsu: Your wasting your time

Gray: We're broke

Natsu: And broke your word, this is absurd

Gajeel: There Is One Way You Won't Have To Play

Gray: I knew it.

Gajeel: Next door, the home of Cyberarts, you see
And now that the block is re-zoned
Our dream can become a reality
You'll see boys
You'll see boys
A state of the art, digital, virtual interactive studio
I'll forego your rent
and on paper guarantee
That you can stay here for free
If you do me one small favor

Natsu: What?

Gajeel: Convince Lucy to cancel her protest

Natsu: Why not just get an injunction or call the cops?

Gajeel: Yeah I did, and they're on standby
But my investors would rather
I handle this quietly

Gray: You can't just quietly wipe out an entire tent city
Then watch 'It's A Wonderful Life' on TV!

Gajeel: You want to produce films and write songs?
You need somewhere to do it!
It's what we used to dream about
Think twice before you pooh-pooh it
You'll see boys
You'll see boys
You'll see - the beauty of a studio
That lets us do our work and get paid
With condos on the top
Whose rent keeps open our shop
Just stop the protest
And you'll have it made
You'll see - or you'll pack

*end of song*

Levy: You know you could have been less strict. They are your friends you know.
Gajeel: Yeah whatever. I am just trying to do what's best for this town.
Levy: Oh Gajeel. When will you learn.
Gajeel: Gihii. No worries shrimp. Things will go fine. I promise.
Levy: As long as you promise.

~To a Drummer on the Street~

Rogue: *plays beat on a Home Depot can* *he hears coughing* *he gets up and goes toward the coughing*

Frosh: What's that??

Rogue : I don't know...

Sting: *coughing* Oh shit.

Rogue: *Runs up to sting* Oh honey are you ok?

Sting: Yeah... I am fine. *groans* ah I think I need to go to the doctor though.

Rogue: that's fine. Let's get you up. What's your name? Mine is Rogue. And this little guy is Frosh.

Sting: Nice name the name is Sting. But my friends call me Stingy. this is Lector.

Both: *laugh*

~~To Natsu and Gray~~

Juvia: *knocks on the door*
Gray: *Opens the door* Hey...
Juvia: Hello. I saw you from above...
Gray: Oh yeah... I had to deal with Gajeel.
Juvia: that's fine. well I just wanted to properly introduce myself. I am Juvia.
Gray: Gray.
Juvia: Well it was nice meeting you. Natsu-San. Good to see you again.
Natsu: *waves at her* you too. How is Lucy?
Juvia: She is fine.
Natsu: Good. *juvia leaves* Well I am going out to find Sting. You coming Gray? I figured we could all go out to eat...
Gray: With what wallet??
Natsu: Toche. *leaves*

~To Be Continued~

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