Thursday Afternoon, Blossom Park

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You relaxed on the bench in a new grey tank top and denim shorts, listening to Katnip talk about places to visit, while you occasionally took sips from your tea. After shopping, Katnip had led you to the local bubble tea shop, where you got a extra large green tea, while she got a medium herbal tea. During the whole time, Katnip was 'hinting' at different guys that she thought you would like. At the time, you regretted telling her about your bad luck with men. "Hey, look!" You blinked and looked up, confused for a second. Katnip was pointing towards a group of guys with people over in the field. "Lets go check out what they are doing, (Y/N)!"
"Are you sure about that, Katnip? What if it's a family celebration?"
"Naw, I've seen them come here before, and different people every time, except for the guys. They stay mostly the same." With that, she grabbed my arm and pulled me up and towards the group. Halfway there, Katnip gasped, and almost squealed. "What is it?" You asked, confused. "ITS. MARKIPLIER. AND BOB AND WADE AND TYLER AND ETHAN!!!" And Katnip abandoned you, while you stood there, still confused. 'Must be some people she watches on YouTube' you thought to yourself. You didn't watch YouTube as much as Katnip does, so... But she also had the keys to the car, so you jogged over. Katnip was talking enthusiastically to one of the guys, who was kinda short, and you guessed from his features that he must be at least part Asian or Korean. He had a good build, but then again, we're in Cali, everyone is fit. He also had a floof of black hair, and looked as if he recently shaved. "Oh, and who are you?" He asked, and you realized he was talking to you. You stared for a second, then shook your head. "Sorry, I'm (Y/N). My friend Katnip knows more about you than I do, honestly.." You laughed, kinda awkwardly. "Do you watch YouTube?" He asked. "Sometimes. Might check out your channel.." you responded, pulling your phone out. He put his hands up and yelled, "Well, I am the great Markiplier! But I'm also humble Mark Fischbach to most of the world."
"Humble my ass..." A tall guy wearing a beanie and glasses muttered, shaking his head. You quickly found and subscribed to his channel, looking back up. You froze up, staring. "C'mon, don't you have some boxes to unpack, (Y/N)?" Katnip grabbed your arm, causing you to jump slightly, and stumble, trying to keep your balance. She lead you back to the car to drive you to your new home.

In that second, -although you would never say- you had thought you had saw a second Mark, in a business suit. Looking at you.

~So, look at that. You met Mark, and maybe had a hallucination? Or was it? Comment, vote, follow if ya want. Criticism allowed. Bye y'all!~

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