Chapter 8

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My clock read 9pm.

I needed at least two hours to walk back to the apartment. I thought I better not waste time and get on with it.

When I reached the outskirts of Hilltown, I went directly to the bus station to check if any buses are leaving soon.

To my luck there was one leaving in fifteen minutes so I bought a ticket and waited.

Soon enough I was at the entrance of the building, then climbing the stairs. And once again I had to take a dose of my inhaler after the few flights of stairs.

When I was at the door it dawned on me that I don't have a key. Ryder didn't give me a copy.

So I knocked.

And once again he wasn't home because he didn't open. I wondered what to do. I couldn't just sit there every time. But luckily I didn't have to wonder a lot, because the next thing I knew was the door opening slowly.

Ryder shushed me before I even spoke and ushered me in. I immediately saw a sleepy figure lying in his bed. I felt something tug at the bottom of my stomach. Anger maybe? But it didn't feel like anger. I didn't know what it was but I didn't like it. However I didn't have the right to say anything. I'm the guest here.

We only spoke in whispers that night.

"Sorry about that but Jane fell asleep in my bed. And I really don't wanna wake her up after today's drama"

"What dra--ohh" the drama I caused.

"The drama you caused" he glared at me. "What was that all a about?"

"She pissed me off" I whispered angrily.

"Also where have you been? I was getting worried" there it was again. The same feeling but a different version of it.

"It's not of your business" I wasn't going to tell him about my trip to the psychiatrist in a totally different town, nor I was gonna let him on my mentality.

"Why are you always so rude and attacking me. Someone as small as you should do less attacking and more going with it" he said from his place on the couch, which frankly I didn't even realise we were sitting there.

Right then I realised I was still in my jeans and shirt and I couldn't wait to get out of them.

I started untying my shoes and taking them off as silently as possible so I wouldn't wake the witch up.

Ryder was eyeing me cautiously.

"Please tell me you're not gonna-" he started but it was too late. I was already taking off my shirt and throwing it towards my bed. It landed on the edge of the wooden part of it.

The room was cool, and it felt really nice to have a cool atmosphere brush my skin. My pants followed and Ryder hid his face with his hands in agony.

I didn't make an effort to put on my pajamas. I just remained in my underwear, then grabbed the small blanket that was dangling from the arm of the couch and sprawled it on me.

Let me tell you that was the most comfortable I have ever been.

"At least take into consideration that we're not alone in the room" Ryder whispered in which I shrugged. I actually wanted to see what her boyfriend will be seeing a lot of.

Never get on my bad side.

"Does she crash here often?" I asked after a few moments of tense silence.

"This is actually her first time. She yelled at me so hard she fell asleep"

I kinda felt bad for him. After all he wasn't the one who got on my bad side, nor the one who offended me. However, you date the witch, you get the bitch that comes with her.

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