In Memory of the Empire

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The limericks below are from the Armoury, a small space in the aether where the Scribblers' Den writers went to 'let off steam'. They are inspired by my fellow writers from the Scribblers' Den. Some are steampunk themed, others are not!

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The Scribblers' Den had an Armoury,
Where they sent poor writers for smarmoury,
The typed up a storm,
From the dusk till the dawn,
Those ribald scribblers in the Armoury!  

There was a young lady from Ealing,
Whose Steampunk gear was revealing,
She flaunted about,
Drinking tea but not stout,
That saucy young lady of Ealing.

There was a sky captain from Down Under,
Whose airship got blown asunder,
"I've lost my blimp!" he cried,
As bits scattered far and wide,
That unfortunate captain from Down Under.

There was a young lady from Dorset,
Who wore an hourglass corset,
When they asked if it pinched,
She said "No, it's just cinched!"
That comely young lady of Dorset.

There was a Young woman from Cody,

Who modelled herself on Gene Brodie.

Wearing twinset and pearls,

She called everyone her girls,

That fanciful Young woman from Cody.  

There was a young gent from Albequerque,

Who danced in a manner quite jerky.

When they ask if he was a toff,

he said "Bugger off!"

That brash Young gent from Albequerque.

There was an old chap from Nantucket
whose life was a list and a bucket.
When he ticked off the first,
He took a turn for the worst,
That unfortunate chap from Nantucket.

Should you take a trip to Cape Cod,
You may find it particularly odd,
that the cod don't wear capes,
Nor do they eat crepes
That puritanical place of Cape Cod.

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