my blood [chaps 1-2]

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chapter 1


ever thought you were gonna die and then everything turned out to be fine, just to find out that something else was lurking around the corner. well I have.

I guess the story started a long time ago, but the important part started when THEY showed up. the ones that were beautiful and mysterious and well, the people that EVERYONE wanted to be. at first I kinda hated them, I thought 'great another group of girls whose only interests are boys, make-up and being popular, oh and here are the guys whose interests are playing football and rugby, scamming on the hot girls and being a smart ass.

then I realised they were different, they kept to themselves. they were quiet and not all of them were like the other 'supposedly' beautiful people. two of them sat alone the others on a table together. i didn't notice them at first except when they walked into the cafeteria and it went momentarily quiet.

then next time I saw one of them in the hall looking lost. she was small and thin with pale skin and light brown hair curling down here shoulders and back in rippling waves as she looked up and then back down at her map of the school.

I know I hated those kind of people the popular ones that acted like they had everything, but she looked so serene and innocent.

"excuse me, are you OK?" i expected her to snap at me saying yes and that she didn't need any help and certainly not from me. then she looked up, her huge violet eyes staring at me, they seemed to be staring into my soul, even when she did this she looked kind and lost in all the chaos of the school. then her expression changed into a dazzling smile, that made me want to smile too.

"oh, well I was wondering where I go for my History lesson in room 19. do you know where to go from here?" she said this with a wondering expression there was no ice or accusation just a simple girls voice with the added beauty of the chime of a bell, making it sound like an angels.

"err, yes. in fact I do. I'm on my way there now, I can show you right now unless you need to get something from your locker." i said helpfully.

in my head my mind was racing,

why are you doing this? she isn't going to become your friend. you'll never fit into her crowd. no one would want you there. you don't even want to go to their side of life. do you? do you really want to go? you never have before. why should you now? do you think if you become friends with her everything will change? will you become popular? will you become pretty? will your life get better? will the torment stop? do you really want that that life which you have lived once before and now only watch from afar? why? why do this to yourself AGAIN?

in the middle of my thoughts I was stopped.

"I'm OK to go there now. thanks, for helping me." huh? what just happened? I had spaced out.

"OK, this way." I walked her to the classroom and left her at the door. there was no indication she would want to sit with me, why would she? I'm a nobody besides 'the girl who walked her to class.'

I sighed as I sat down. first day back and I was already in over my head with thoughts and problems.

"yo, Taylor!" Matty, my friend, was standing in the doorway. his brown hair always looked a shade lighter in the summer, it always has ever since we were kids, we always used to laugh and say that there were too twins, a good one that came out in summer and a bad one that came out in winter. which could have been true he is always upbeat and springy in summer and spring, but darker and gloomier in autumn and winter. it was just him.

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