[S2-4] Cersei x Fem!Reader | Aquitting New Tastes

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A request from a while ago. Set during the time of Jamie's kidnap by the Starks. Hence, Cersei's interests are far more distracted than normal...

You had always been a loyal servant to the crown, and loyal handmaid to the noble ladies of the Red Keep. Despite your mother shunning your unquestionable loyalty amongst other disapprovers of the crown, you saw the best in the Lannister children of Tywin, and appreciated that, above the political scandals they'd had, they were a good to the people of this city, and that's all that mattered.

Being her personal handmaiden, you had a particular liking for Cersei Lannister. Yes, you had seen her at her worst- uttering in privacy foul misdeeds upon people, ordering conniving assassinations upon her enemies and rarely leaving the Red Keep- but you also knew of her love for her children; how soft, sad she went when she watched them; how all her misdeeds tended to lead back to her need to protect them. You knew of her pride for the position she was in- and her appreciation for her allies- and being one of them, in a sense, made you content.

Although most girls swooned over Cersei's brother, your heart was more set on her. He was arrogant and reckless at times, and that boyish behaviour bored you- she was calm, mature, intelligent, more difficult to win over. And even though you were happy to simply be her handmaid, you had a chemistry with her of some sort.

The incestuous relationship between her and Jaime was something you were unaware of- but you knew that for a while her interests had been in some other unknown pursuer. And yet, it had felt as though the last few weeks her interests had dithered in this passion of hers- when her brother was taken she had been distant and worrisome all the time- of course, so we're all those who cared for him. And yet, as the weeks went on without him around, she seemed to be almost frustrated, and was warming even more-so to the others in her life.

The light outside the grand balcony window dimmed, leaving a purple cloudy hue as you gently freed Cersei's hair from the complicated plait you had tied it up into at the start of the day. You were humming an old hymn of the Light of the Seven, and somewhat enjoyed freeing the radiant golden locks of hair, which were soft to run a hand through.

"You have a wonderful voice." Cersei quietly proclaimed, and you slowed for a minute, surprised to hear her speak up. She had seen even more so lost in her own head today- in fact, you had feared you were to blame for some unknown reason, as you had caught her several times intensely watching you, from the corner of your eye.

Slowly, you responded with a small smile, hesitating before you continued, "And you have beautiful hair, my lady." Her chuckle was audible, and widened your smile to a grin. "Not much one can do with beautiful hair, though I appreciate the sentiment." You immediately protested at this almost self-deprecation,

"That's only one good thing about you! It's a compliment to the list of your gifts, is what I mean my lady." You let your hands fall through her now freed hair a couple of times, before bringing them together behind your back. Cersei stood slowly and turned, catching your eyes directly, and raised a brow to her playful expression, "Go on."

You cut your eyes away from hers, unable to breathe at the nerves you felt telling her these things you had thought for a long time to her face, "Well... you love your family. Which means you do a lot of things for them, and that's nice because most important figures forgot about that when they're given power... You're kind to those who you think deserve it- You're really smart, there's another useful one- you know when to sort things out politically, with war, or when to play dirty-" your voice hitches for a moment at this particular phrasing of words, and you feel a slender hand rub your shoulder. You look back to her now you're finished talking and her face expresses almost pity at you, though you can't be sure why.

Leaning in, she kisses your temple gently, and you keep still. A friendly gesture, perhaps? Yet she only moves back a fracture to leave you face to face. "Thankyou, N/A." She whispers. The warmth of her breath makes your face suddenly overheat- though it might just be the blushing.

You can see from the oncoming frown that something is making Cersei feel conflicted. She opens her mouth to speak, and merely manages to say, "I've never looked at anyone else-..." the words seem confusing, and cut off abruptly. You aren't sure if it's the right thing to do, but you gently place a hand on her cheek, and brush it comfortingly, "You don't have to worry about confusions around me. It's my job to support and help you unconditionally." You giggle, and are soon surprised by the clashing of your lips. She is forceful and passionate at first, but after a few seconds settles back into being tender, loving still. Wrapping her arms steadily around your back, she evens the space between you, and you, still hesitant, rest yours on her hips.

Hours later, you are both lying still, comfortable in your own personal spaces, but connecting them with a hand. Your mind is racing with everything that has just occurred, and your body alive, pumped with adrenaline and pleasure.

"I can't guarantee that this will be an ongoing occurrence. You were- you are nice... but it's complicated. I... hope you understand." Her words seem to stab themselves with guilt, and you pain at her self-hatred for giving into her own temptations, "It's okay. I'll be here to support you with anything, my lady. I could never expect any more, that isn't my right." You return kindly.

Tugging your hand to get your attention, Cersei plants a final peck upon your lips, before rising, queuing you to do the same.

You would be able to admire her all the same for the rest of your life, with the occasional bouts of more every now and then- that's what you had both hoped.

A/N: only got a little list of requests to finish btw guys (I think 4-7), so feel free to start requesting whenever/wherever :)

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