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35 | " you really are a pig. "

"Why do you always have to leave at such an inhumanly hour?" Logan sighed softly, eyes trained on her boyfriend that was currently wiggling himself into his black jeans.

Luke laughed before he locked gazes with his sleepy girl, "That's my job princess, it's how I pay you and make sure you can get the things you want."

Logan rolled his eyes at his statement, an exaggerated deep sigh leaving her lips. "All I want is for you to stay in bed with me, watch a good movie and have some Chinese food."

Luke knew how much of a cuddly person his girlfriend was, and to see her like this wasn't a surprise at all. It hadn't been the first time this had happened, and Luke had grown to actually like this clingy morning state Logan had sometimes.

"And I don't want you to provide for me, I started working here because I needed money, remember? Heck, I can even pay for groceries, or gas or whatever. I just don't want you to spoil me whatsoever. "Logan told her boyfriend seriously, eyebrows raised before she sat up straight, letting the white sheet drop to her waist.

The blond turned around from where he was standing in front of the mirror, rolling up the sleeves of his white button up before he turned around. "Listen baby girl," He spoke up, sitting down next to her on the bed, "I know that it feels like I'm spoiling you or whatever, and maybe sometimes I'm guilty of doing that, yes. But I'm just rewarding you for the work you do."

"Sometimes you really are a pig," Logan laughed softly and fiddled with her fingers.

Luke chuckled and sat down right next to his girlfriend, who was currently playing with the silver ring on her middle finger. He placed his fingers underneath her chin to make her look up, her rosy cheeks coming into view once they met gazes.

"I'm a pig that loves you inhumanly much. So much that I even forgot to tell you Clarice is picking you up in about an hour." Luke smiled softly, pushing Logan's cheeks together with one hand before placing a small and delicate kiss onto her puckered lips.

A frown set on her face once she opened her eyes after Luke had kissed her, "What exactly did she plan?" She curiously asked, running her fingers through her hair as she watched her boyfriend smile brightly.

"You see, I'm not really into the whole 'stealing' thing, so when Clarice told me she missed you and I took you away from her, I guessed that was a good timing for you two to catch up or whatever girls do when they're together." Luke shrugged his shoulders before he smiled softly.

"And I have to work till five, so some distraction will be good for you. Y'know, so you won't miss me too much." He teased, running his fingers through her hair, placing a kiss onto her forehead. "Go get ready sleeping beauty."

"He hasn't told you anything about his upcoming birthday? Like, nothing? Not even about hot guys coming over to watch football or drink beer while lounging around with their hands down their pants? Shit man, it's already in about three days." Clarice asked her friend curiously, eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

"I mean, I kind of didn't know that his birthday was coming up? You're the stalker type, so you should've told me before." Logan teased, although she was serious about not knowing when Luke's twenty-fifth birthday would be.

Clarice narrowed her eyes at her best friend, "Okay, true." She admitted, "And this time I wasn't the one who was the stalker, it was Calum. He said he wanted to throw Luke an amazing party or something. Maybe you could participate in that."

Logan looked up from where she was cutting her cake with her fork, "I do want him to have a nice birthday, but I'm not entirely sure what he likes? He never really told me anything about how he likes to throw or have his parties."

"The only thing I know is that Luke likes you, my friend. So the only thing that we have to do is get you at that party in a stunning and sexy dress and boom, Luke is sold. And also, I can scoop some details about the things Luke likes, his best friend is my boyfriend."

Logan still wasn't used to the fact Clarice had finally put her somewhat skimpy lifestyle aside for someone as wonderful as Calum. She adored the two of them together and Logan just wished people looked at her and Luke the same way she saw Calum and Clarice. Happy and in love.

"Alright, so a party then. What about a present? Luke has practically everything he needs, I'm not sure if I can get him something he doesn't have already." Logan sighed, putting her fork down before slumping her shoulders. "Throwing a party is hard."

Clarice chuckled, "It is not hard my love, and about the present? He loves you and even if you get him new toilet paper he'll look at it as if he has never seen such a nice thing before. I'm pretty sure there's something you can give him that makes him happy. And if you can't think of anything, just suck his dick. Every boy likes that, birthday boy or not."

Logan had been used to Clarice's graphic language, although she never really saw it coming. It was.. Unexpected most of the time.

Logan nodded nevertheless, "Okay, so, I definitely will need help for th-"

"Don't worry, Calum and I already arranged some stuff at Luke's favorite club. The only thing you need to do is get a nice dress, make yourself look presentable or fuckable or whatever you're planning to give him on his birthday. Just get him a nice present, and make sure he doesn't know about the party."

That was easier said than done.

hi guys here I am with another update!!! hooray for me!

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