The world is only beautiful with you

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Charlie and Patrick were happy – for a week. Things were going alright. Patrick tried to make up for the eight years he'd spent away from his Koala. He arranged mini-dates with Charlie whenever he could. They had a picnic on the lawn of Charlie's house and a 2-minute noodles dinner on Charlie's couch. It was as if Patrick had never left. The two lovers quarreled and Patrick always found something to make Charlie blush. It could have been the koala jokes or the cliché romantic gestures, but Charlie smiled more than he'd ever done in the space of a week.

Even though Patrick was a doctor and his life consisted on being on call 24/7, he tried to make as much time for Charlie as he possibly could. At some point as he drove towards Kangaroo street, he'd thought that maybe he was overdoing it, but seeing the smile on his beloved erased those thoughts. If Charlie felt suffocated, he wasn't complaining.

Charlie wasn't complaining because well – there was nothing to complain about. For once in a while, he felt like living wasn't a duty but a gift. For so long he'd been living with one purpose only – taking care of his little sister. It felt wonderful to have someone take care of him.

Patrick came by the house after his shifts. Sometimes he looked like he'd been wrestling a gorilla and just wanted to cuddle, and sometimes he came looking fresh bearing fruits with colors of the rainbow. Charlie enjoyed the cuddling moments as much as he enjoyed sitting cross-leg on a blanket on the lawn and listening to Patrick explain dysmetria and dysdiadochokinesia and how the brain worked. Patrick had really found his passion, the other thing that excited his heart. But it was clear what came first when the following words were uttered:

"I'm boring you aren't I? Do you want to do something else?"

Charlie only shook his head. He found it fascinating the way Patrick explained things, even though the subject at hand wasn't really interesting to him. The light in Patrick's eyes was beautiful. It magnetized him.

The way things were beautiful, it was bound to go wrong.

Fabiola had warned Charlie after the family dinner a week before. After her disappearance at the family dinner, Charlie thought the snake had gone into hiding. But of course it had emerged as if the cold-blooded creature had sensed the heat outside and was drawn to it.

Patrick had excused himself to go to the bathroom – small bladder. Charlie had said his goodbyes to the family and was waiting outside for Patrick to take him home. Fabiola had grabbed that chance to corner him.

"It won't last", someone whispered in his ear.

He turned around swiftly and his eyes met Fabiola's form.

"Whatever you say", he replied, not hiding his annoyance.

Fabiola smiled quite evilly, Charlie would say. "I pity you. But...not that much".

"Don't you have something to do?"

"Oh I do. And I'm on it. I suggest you empty his wallet now, soon you won't have the luxury". Just after those words, Fabiola disappeared into the house, her steps making no sounds.

Of course Charlie had told Patrick what Fabiola had said. Patrick, unnerved by his sister's words decided they meant nothing. Fabiola was just bitter. She would get over it. Even if she didn't, it wasn't their problem.

The problem was, she was their problem.

"So we have to break up?" Charlie asked, his voice coming out high-pitched.

"Yes," Patrick said clearly.

"Oh," Charlie said, his heart hitting the floor as he stood in his kitchen.

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