A Command : We Will Recruit Him!!!

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"What the heck are you talking about....?"

"Dunno....!!" I lifted the heavy 2 liters of ink when, Nyx's feet slipped.

[This conversation will be done using their face]

Nyx : "......😨😨😨😨😨😨"
Mikka : 😲
Tsukasa : 😖😖

(😣 : NYX!!! USE YOUR MAGIC!!!!)

(😣😣 : I can't!!! I'm too scared!)

(😲😲 : Scared?! How the heck can you be scared!? I thought you are the bravest of all!!!)

(😑😑 : Milady, he isn't and we're slipping down!!!!)


(😬😬 : Easy for you to say Ms. Villainess! While the both of us hold on, you're just up there enjoying the scenery!!!)

(😠 : I'm not enjoying the scenery!!!)

Suddenly, Nyx's leg slipped but by bit and each and one of us started to make funny faces.

(It can't be.... the enemy is already under the tree! We must.... hold on....!!) I slided the bucket a bit and suddenly, my leg slipped from Nyx and Tsukasa's shoulders and I fell with the bucket from those 4 meter trees.....



Third Person's POV

Situation below.....

"I told you to go away! Why are you sending me those messages Amanogawa!?" Asked the girl with braids.

Amanogawa sighed and stare at the girl with a smile. "Because I love you. Didn't I tell you that??"

"Your love is creepy! Go away!" Before the girl went away, Amanogawa catched her arm and dragged her near. "I told you didn't I? You're the one who confessed to me. You're the one that...."

"Go away!!!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" a wail was heard and suddenly, Amanogawa was covered in blue ink and a bucket + a girl fell on top of him, creating a chance for the braided girl to escape.


Mikayuki's POV.

Ayayayayaya...... my butt hurts!! And I got covered in blue ink also!

I looked at the bewildered girl, hiding behind one of the tree and declared. "Evan is mine and if you dare to bother him I'm gonna.... uh.... gonna...."

(Say you're going to prank them with ink) Oh! Nox is being evil!! "I'm going to prank you with ink forever!!!"



Say, why isn't she scared? The girl turned back and left us alone. I tilted my head to the side and suddenly, the ground underneath me moved and I fell again.

Under the bucket, revealed the face of Amanogawa, who's covered in ink all over. Ah.... wait.... I didn't spray the girl?

"A-A-Amanogawa!!! Hahahaha! S-s-sorry.... I went over and... and.... I kinda....."

"Die" he extended his arm and five chains appeared from his sleeves. With reflex, I took out my newly given summon scroll (from Nox as a compensation) and summoned Nox.

Nox appeared and blocked the chains from going further to me. At the same time, Nyx went down in his normal form which looks a lot like Nox with Tsukasa by his side.

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