A Command : We Will Recruit Him!!!

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"...Milady! Hurry! They're coming!!"

"....We're go...gonna.... spray them.... with this ink!!!!! On... 10!"

"My legs.... are.... n-numb!!!!!!"

"Hang on.... N-Nyx!!!!"

How did we end up in this situation? Where we are hanging between tall trees, going to spray a normal girl acquainted with Angela?

Simple : Everyday is Villainess Day

It all started 5 min....I mean... 50 minutes ago....

"So... you're gonna prank someone and then make them embarrased with this.... bucket of blue ink??" Asked Evan, poking on the bucket of ink.

I nodded my head vigorously and replied, "Of course! A Villainess must know how to prank someone with style!!"

(I don't think it's style. More like childish.....)"O-okay... good luck then...." I looked at Evan and scanned him from head to toe.

"You look tired" I stated. He laughed a bit and replied; "Well, I... yesterday, the Chairwoman called me again. Geez, I think it's the worst 2 hours of my life. Can't she stop flirting!?"

"So... that marriage stuff is getting over eh??" I asked. He nodded and suddenly laid his head on my shoulder. "I'm tired......."

"Hmm....." I think for a bit before an Idea popped out. "Oh! Oh! I had an Idea!" Suddenly, Evan straighten up and held my shoulder.

"You're going to go with me?"

"No! Even better!"

(E-Even better....?) "Yes! I'm going to prank all the girls (Except Angela) and said that you are mine. That way, they'll scurry off and hide"

Somehow, Evan sighed loudly once more. He only gave me a smile and said, "If only... you're not too dense. But that what makes you, you" before leaving.

Dense? I'm no dense! I can sense if someone fell in love with me!! Like... that dakimakura I had back at home! He likes me. And I like him back!

"Tsukasa! Sora! Let's....."

"I'm out" Sora said, hands up in the air. "Why??" I asked questions in my tone. "Well, it's not my style to prank and I have to help Prof. Marx and Prof. Andrea on their new experiment so...."

Somehow... why.... why do I feel that another ship will rose? NEIN NEIN NEIN!!!!! Mikka! You're a VILLAINESS!!! For Gaia's sake! You can't just..... I feel so sad-Miyuu.....

"D-don't cry kay? I'll go with you! How's 'at?" I looked at Tsukasa teary eyed and hugged him. "Yaaay!!!!!"

Somehow.... Sora and Tsukasa emitted a cold aura.... wait! They hate hugs?

I grabbed Sora and hug him also. "Hmm...." I looked at them with confusion. They don't seem to hate it. Just bewildered.....

"Oh... you guys didn't hate it?"

"H-Hate what?"

"My hugs?"

"........." Okay, now their face is red. Hmm.... interesting reaction.


T-then.... I asked Nyx, who disguised as a nerd to help me. We sent letter to the girl and... That is how we ended up like this.....

"There she is....!" Tsukasa murmured while seeing the girl with a boy of her age.

"Let's go and spray her. Make her realize not to side with the heroine!"

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