Observation Diary 1 (Evan) : First Love?

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[I don't think this is an observation diary. Though, you CAN observe Evan's diary and make a conclusion yourself]

[Part one is a bit unclear. Second part of the diary will reveal... EVERYTHING about Evan~]

[There's a bonus story at the end of the chaps!]


Diary 1 Observation 1
Subject : Mikayuki Elicia.

Evan's POV

When I brought her to my manse on the first day, I never would've thought that all of her could make my heart feels like it was wronged or something.....

Like.... Two days after I brought her to my house, she was practically getting along with others. Like, servants, maids and such.

Moreover... the three of them.

They were so close to each other and... for the first time, in my heart, an ugly feeling arise. Like... it was telling me to ignore Mikayuki until that person came and apologize!

Hmm.... why do I feel like I'm overreacting? Over her??

And it was towards someone I barely knew!

What did I like about her....

Her eyes? Definitely. Her voice? That's an absolute yes. Her.... expression??

Wait.... I haven't seen any other emotion beside laughing and smiling. Should I see more??

No no no! Evan... control yourself over there. I am a definite gentleman. I cannot do those kinds of things.... yeah... right?

Oh forget it!


Diary 1 Observation 2

It's me again. It's the seventh day of her staying here. She still showed indifference everytime she saw me....

Why do I feel so lonely?

Though, she broke a lot of thing when summoning the Harbinger herself.

Didn't she knew that familiar summoning can't be done with the Awakening Scroll??

I gave it to her so that the first summon will be successful. Other summon? Just think of it as if luck is the biggest part of it.

Oh yeah, I just realize a way to make Mikayuki show more of her expression! I hope it works... it's about cooking

I used the reason that she has to pay for all the stuff she broke! Smart of me huh?

But... why did she thought of it so seriously?? Can I really get closer to her??

Though, today a letter came in. It's from my parents. They said that I had to pick a fiancee here.

It has to be from either a powerful mage family or a woman with status. To others, it may seems that they are serious about forming an alliance but...

The truth is more severe than that.

Rumors said that a girl born with light magical affinity was born here. It is said that her power will be essential in conquering all Three Winds.... they wanted her. That's the truth of it all

I can't help but throw away the letter. Usually... when things like this came, I would've done it regardless.

I don't even give two damn about it. Now... to pick a fiancee like that, I feel as if I'm angry....

Did I really change that much?

I asked Regulus about this and he said that, I am falling head over heels for her.

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