The Villainess' Cooking

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A/N : This time, I'm not gonna use any extra chaps and short way sudden feeling appear but I'll be using Observation Diary 1 & 2.

It separates into two parts. I do this so that you may see how the character slowly develop feelings for the MC. Well, happy reading!

All of Evan's feelings will be further explained in his observation diary chapter

Countdown before Finals : One Week
Owed : 2 more!

Okay, nuff chit chats. One weird chapter up!


Evan's POV.

A week has passed and here I am, looking at the reports regarding my country.

I'm still at West Wind Kingdom. The East is okay without me. After all, My brothers can handle themselves well.....

But... After staying with them for a week, I haven't find a single reason behind my heart. Damn it....

"Regulus!!" I called, then Regulus came. "Call over Mikayuki Elicia over here"

"Sir... shouldn't you kick them out now? They've been creating quite the ruckus" I wont deny that. Looking at all the broken furniture....

I bet it has to do with Nox and Mikayuki

"Just leave it be. I would like her to pay for it all"

"As you wish" (There must've been another reason for letting her stay here... But what is it...??)

"Ah, Regulus!" I called. "Hm?" I laughed awkwardly then said "Can we have a good old talk later?"

"Haha... of course, buddy"

Mikka's POV.

Recently, I've been calling Nox with the same scroll that I used but...

*Crash!!!* (Nox, where are you again??)

(Living room. Sorry, I stepped on another Vase for landing) He got into the wrong places!!! I've broke a lot of things since and it was chaotic.

I also had another thing in my mind.... what happens when I left the Palace... many rumors started to spread and I'm afraid If I stained Evan's name....

So far, nothing came out but... worry is still worry-Yakyu....

*Knock* *Knock* "Miss Elicia, The Lord called you to his study"

I sprung out from the bed and fix my hair. While I'm at it, I'll pick him up too....

I went downstairs only to find Nox stood at the far end corner, reading something.

"What are you reading?" I asked. He smiled and say; "Something that you should read"

He threw me the book and I saw what it was; "Observation... Diary???" Before I even read the content, Regulus took it and commanded "March!"

I guess I had to give up-Yiya....😧


Through the fancy corridor filled with fancy smancy things, we finally reach Evan's study.

I knocked the door twice and when I heard him say come in, I came.

"So... what's this about?" I asked. He threw me a paper with a picture from a Memoira. It was....

All the broken things Nox broke on his summoning....

Okay... did I even expect this one?

"Payment" he said coldly. "Eh?? You know that I don't have any money right?"

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