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Loved You Once... A Diggy Simmons Love Story (10]

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Diggy's PoV

So I found out from Jess that she was planning Ashli a surprise birthday party. I wanted to get in on it but she said I wouldn't be able to keep it a secret and all I needed to do was get her a present, but I had no idea what i was going to get her. Sad that she's been my best friend for fourteen years and now she's my girlfriend but I still have no idea what to get her. I was sitting on my bed texting her til Jojo walked in. "Yo." "Wassup?" I asked giving him some dap. "Me Zack and Reggie are headed to the mall. You comin?" "Yeah, maybe I can get Ashli's birthday present." I said walking over to my closet and pulling on my shoes. "You still ain't get her gift yet? Damn, I mean even I got her gift." "Shut up man. I just want it to be the perfect gift." "Whatever. You ready?" "Yup." I said fixing the snap back on my head and walking out the door with him.

Ashli's PoV

All week in school I was getting happy birthdays from friends cheerleaders football players even people I didnt know as well as teachers. On Friday, the girls decorated my locker and even Alexis made me a special cupcake. Yes, Alexis. we actually tried the friend thing and we actually have alot in common and Khalil was right, she is cool and funny. We actually became close with her in the last week or so. But i cant say the same thing for Natalia and Giana. when Alexis left them and started hanging out with us more you could tell they sort of developed a hate for us and they wandered the halls without their precious leader. After school on Friday we went to this super elegant french resturant and everyone gave me presents.


I was chilling in bed on my laptop when I heard my phone ring beside me. It was my baby's song "Copy, Paste". The caller ID flashed Jessica. "Hello?" I answered. "Happy birthday girlie!" "Thank you!" "No problem, so are you dressed?" "Uhm, sorta kinda, not really. Why?" "Well get dressed." "Why!?" I repeated "Cuz we're going shopping." "We?" "Yah, me, Sage, Jacque, Lexi, and You!" "Ugh I don't feel like going!" I sighed, falling back on my bed. "Well, too bad. You are, so get dressed. We'll be there in 30." "Grrrr. Fine." "haha dont say it like you hate shopping. and you're going with us even if we have to drag your mixed-with-everything ass out of your house by your ponytail." she threatened. "Jeez you're a violent bitch arent you?" I chuckled. "Love you too!" she sang into the phone. "Haha, bye!" "Peace." I hung up the phone then threw it back on my bed then got up and headed to my walk-in closet. I pulled out (not mine) put my hair in a ponytail and did my makeup. I got ready surprisingly fast so I decided to check and update Twitter.

ItsAshliBiotch_xo: Woot Woot ^__^ It's my birthday bxcthess! Sixteen, finally! XD

Sage: my sister from another mister @ItsAshliBiotch_xo birthday is today! I love you girlie (FF floww;) everyone go blow her mentions up!

missjacquerae: @ItsAshliBiotch_xo its your birthday girl! finally you can join the other sixteen year olds! haha jkjp <3

justjessica321: we're gonna party its the end of the world! becuz... @ItsAshliBiotch_xo turns 16 today! ;D

CrazyKhalil: @ItsAshliBiotch_xo happy birthday kidd!

diggy_simmons: happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. my girlfriend @ItsAshliBiotch love you baby <33 6.17.11

JDior_: Happy Birthday. Youre gonna party and enjoy it or the whole football team will tackle you. lol

The last tweet from Justin made me laugh out loud. Just then a loud honk from outside startled me. I looked out the window to see Alexis' sleek all-black Cadillac Escalade parked in my driveway. I grabbed my purse then walked out and hopped in the backseat with Jessica and Jacque. We all greeted each other then headed for the mall.

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