Chapter 67

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It seemed that news travelled faster than ever when it concerned the clinical lead. Her heels echoed through the corridor above the whispers that went on behind her. Rolling her eyes as she heard her name she turned to the reception area, a hand placed to her hip. "Something you want to say?" Her brow arched, she waited expectantly as various people dipped their heads.

Jac looked towards her speaking for everyone else. "So you've been sleeping with Sam? Was that before or after Greg decided to leave?" Connie maintained face as she crossed her arms against her chest. "Not that I'm sure what my sexual encounters have to do with you, or the running of this department, yes I have been. As for when I don't think that's any of your business..."

Connie moved to turn away as Jac twisted to Oliver muttering beneath her breath. "That's a before then-" "Something to say Ms Naylor?" Jac looked to her forcing a smile as she shook her head, Connie choosing to ignore her as she walked back across the department towards her office pausing for only a second to shout at someone else. Jac picked up a file wandering around the desk. "And the bitch is back." She disappeared from sight as Oliver and Penny returned to what they had been doing before.

As soon as the door shut Elliot looked up from the desk towards her. "Afternoon, I wasn't expecting you in until later-" "I had to take Sam home so I came straight in." He nodded quietly as Connie moved to sit down behind her desk. "I didn't see you leave last night? Slipped away quietly Mr Hope, anything I should be worried about?" He laughed as she smirked his direction before shaking his head. "Unless it's the inhuman hour I was up this morning then no."

The day progressed slowly before Sam's shift started, unsure of whether he wanted to be in the department or not. Last night had been almost too good to be true and he was sure that something was going to bring his mood down within the next five minutes.

The department seemed busy and he couldn't see her as he wandered out of the staff room. "Sam!" Spinning back he watched before rolling his eyes as he realised half the department seemed to be coming his way. "Since when?" "Since last night-" "No, really. Come on how did you keep that quiet?" They stood around the reception desks as Oliver nodded into the department where Connie was standing with a patient.

"So I've been seeing her, what else is there to know?" "How the hell you managed it!?" He smirked before quickly removing the look from his face seeing Connie wandering towards them. Covering his face he looked away grabbing a file beginning to make himself look busy. She knew better than to believe he was doing anything and it was clear what the previous topic had been.

Putting down her folder and signing off another that was passed to her, she glanced across to the pair that idly stood there looking at folders. "Doctor Valentine I believe that patient was discharged an hour ago." Turning it over he looked to it beginning to stutter. "Uh- Y-yes, yes I was just..." "You were just what?" He looked to Sam who shrugged before turning to Connie. "Checking everything had been written properly." "Okay, well when you've finished that an actual patient is waiting in bay 5."

Wandering away, she sensed the smile that was on Sam's face as he opened his mouth to talk. "Mr Strachan, my office." Her voice was loud and harsh as he shut his mouth again nodding. "Good luck-" "I don't need luck she's-" "Now." Turning from Oliver he moved towards the office where Connie was stood holding the door open.

Sam walked inside hastily as he started talking quickly. "I didn't start the conversation and I wasn't going to say much but you came over at the wrong time." Connie shut the door twisting the lock before folding her arms against her chest. By the time he had turned back to look at her she wore a small entertained smirk on her face. "Quite finished?" Sam dropped down to the sofa rubbing his hands over his face as she sighed moving from where she had been standing.

She stopped before him as he kept his head resting in his hands. "Sam?" Looking up at her he realised that there seemed to be no evidence of her being annoyed or upset at all. Moving closer she sat across his lap as he frowned, her hand resting against his chest. Smiling gently he shook his head before moving his hand to the small of her back. "You're going to make the most of this aren't you?" "What, winding you up? Never." She spoke innocently as he smiled before she held his hand in hers.

"I know this is happening pretty quickly considering Greg only left a few months ago, but I can't raise this child on my own and I don't want to." "Woah, you just told me this baby's mine and you're worried about being on your own?" She released a breath as she let her eyes drop. "Connie what's wrong?" "Nothing. Nothing, I'm just being stupid." He lifted a hand to her cheek causing her to look to him. "What is it?" "How many kids do you know being raised by parents that live half an hour away from each other from the moment they're born?"

He scoffed watching her with a small smile. "Plenty of children live like that Con, it's not a big deal." She swallowed past the lump in her throat as she nodded beginning to move. "Yeah, forget I said anything-" "Not so easy... Connie it's a perfectly normal way to bring up a baby-" "Well maybe I don't want it to be that way."

Resting a hand to her forehead Sam held onto her wrist moving it back. Watching her knowingly, he couldn't help but smirk. "You gonna actually say what you want to say to me or keep stepping around it?" Dropping her head backwards she groaned with a heavy sigh. "You're really going to make me say it even though you know?" "Yup." Sitting up she shrugged. "Fine. I want you to be living with us. If you think I'm getting up every hour of the night you're sorely mistaken."

Sam laughed as he pushed her hair back behind her ear. "I think that's the most threatening proposal of living together I've ever heard." Connie tried hiding the smile as she pushed against his chest. "So will you?" "Will I what?" "Move in with me, Sam. Don't make me say it again." His smile widened as he rest a hand to her cheek. "Of course I will. I wasn't really going to give you a choice once they were here anyway." Shaking her head he pressed his lips to hers quickly as he pulled her into his chest further before lifting her from his lap and pressing her to the sofa. Things slowly fitting into place as they started to admit what they'd spent so long denying.

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