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Welcome to the start on Winter Break- Enjoy!  


After waiting for the bus for at least 30 minutes, the bus finally arrived. "All Aboard!" Dallas shouted as he was the first one to get up and walk into the bus. Maybe it's a twin thing to be awake in the morning because just like Annie and Jay, Dallas and Dylan were wide awake.

We were instructed to get on the bus at 8 AM, so my mom decided to wake me up at 5 AM. What goes through a parent's mind? 

"Finally the bus came," I groaned. "Only an extra 30 minute wait."

"Hey, cheer up. This is Winter Break. We don't have to do anything serious," Dallas smiled. "It's all fun and games. Boding with the team. This is one of the best activities ever."

"Someone's excited," I replied.

"And someone's not," Dallas smirked.

I decided to walk all the way to the back of the bus with all my stuff. Thankfully, no one else was sitting there because for every bus ride at my old school, the back of the bus was mine. As a soccer game prep, or for anything really, I needed peace and the back of the bus was perfect.

As I started getting settled I heard someone's footsteps become louder and louder as he cleared his throat. I silently prayed it wasn't Tyler, only to be disappointed.

"That's my spot," Tyler stated monotonously.

"I didn't see your name here," I replied calmly, honestly I wasn't in the mood.

"So? It's mine. The back of the bus is always mine," Tyler said boldly. "From day one, even when you weren't part of this team."

"I could say the same with my team bus last year," I smiled as I put headphones over my ears.

"Fine," Tyler grumbled and decided it's smart to just move my stuff to one side and lay all his stuff down. "Sorry, just thought we could share, since you're being stubborn."

I looked up at him before looking back down at my phone. "Ya we could share, but if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always take the seat right in front of us."

"You too, miss," Tyler replied.

"CHILDREN!" Coach Jacksons shouted. "Be quiet. Be respectful. Enjoy the 6 hour ride. We will make 1 stop after two hours. After the first stop, we will drive one more our to eat lunch. Finally, we will drive another 2 hours, then stop again. After that stop there will be one hour will be left, and we will be done driving near 6 PM. When we get to our cabin, start unpacking with your roommates. Then, at 6:30 be ready at the living room in our cabin for dinner. Be on time, write what I said down. I'm not repeating. Enjoy the ride!"

Tyler glanced at me once Coach is done talking. "You want to do something?" He aske while poking me on the side.

"Does it look like I do?" I asked while taking off my headphones. "The answer is no. I'd actually like to enjoy this ride rather than be pestered by you, Tyler."

"Harsh, but okay. I was actually trying to be nice," Tyler informed me. "I guess I'l just sleep, then."

"Fine by me," I said. "The prank break is over. Yes, we are acquaintances, but we still hate each other. I'm excited for this because I get to prank you all I want."

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