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1. Season Of Love
2. Rent
3. You'll See
4. One Song Glory
5. Light My Candle
6. Today 4 You
7. Tango: Heartfilia
8. Life Support
9. Out Tonight
10. Another Day
11. Will I
12. Santa Fa
13. I'll Cover You
14. Over the Moon
15. La Vie Boheme
16. I Should Tell You
17. La Vie Boheme B
18. Seasons of Love B
19. Take Me or Leave Me
20. Without You
21. I'll Cover You (Reprise)
22. Halloween
23. Goodbye Love
24. What You Own
25. Finale A
26. Your Eyes
27. Finale B

Mark- Natsu Dragneel; Cat: Happy
Roger- Gray Fullbuster
Maureen: Lucy Heartfilia
Joanne: Erza Scarlet
Mimi: Juvia Lockser
Benny: Gajeel Redfox; Cat: Lily
Levy: Levy McGarden
Wendy: Wendy Marvell; Cat: Carla
Chelia: Chelia Blendy
Tom: Sting Eucliffe; Cat: Lector
Angel: Rogue Cheney; Cat: Frosh


Homes (Live Together):
Natsu and Gray {and Happy}
Lucy and Erza
Juvia (alone)
Gajeel and Levy {and Lily}
Wendy and Chelia [18 yrs old] {And Carla}
Sting and Rogue {Lector and Frosh}

I did add more characters but whatever all of them have a very important part in this! So I hope you enjoy this!!! Love you all!! And thanks for reading.

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