"You're all soooo hot...." You say in mock exasperation.

"Heh. You like what you see? I stole some of Law's clothes." He grins lightly.

"No. I woke up to that freckled face instead of ___'s beauty." Law grumbles, pinching his cheek.

"Sorry. I was hungry so I got up to make breakfast." You say, smiling at the two of them. "But Smoker brought donuts!" They look at Smoker at that.

"... Hi..."

"Morning. I'll be taking you to work Ace. So eat with ___." He rumbles.

"Awe...." Ace pouts at that. You reach over, grabbing a donut and holding it out to Ace.

"Here you go." You hum. "They are really good!" Ace takes it, placing a kiss on your cheek before eating it.


"I hope you have a nice time at work today." You say, furrowing your eyebrows a bit. "I wonder what I'll do. Now that all of you are grown...I don't exactly know what to do with my time here."

"Luffy will be off soon, you'll see him no doubt. Until then, just relax, find a hobby, you're going to need one." Smoker tells you.

"Hey, why not write a book about this?" Law hums smirking, "I'm sure it'll be popular."

"Book. It probably would be." You grin. "Maybe I'll do that. Keep myself busy until you guys can find something else for me to do."

"Sounds like a plan." Smoker gets up. "Let's get going you two." He adds to Law and Ace.

"Awww.... But I wanted to stay with ___!" Ace whines, hugging you tightly. You pat Ace on the back with a small smile.

"You will see me later Ace. Go have a great day at work. I'll be here whenever you get back." He pouts at you before cupping your cheek and kissing you deeply.

"Until then my beautiful fiancée." He breathes against your lips. Law pushes his face away, pulling you into his chest.

"Mine. All the kisses are mine." He growls at Ace. You look between the two, shaking your head slightly.

"You two are funny." Standing, you kiss Law on the cheek before pushing both of them towards the door. "Now go on. Before either of you get into trouble."

"Bye." They wave before going after Smoker together. You wait until they shut the door before falling down onto the couch, pulling a book off the table.

"Perfect. Now I can read...whatever this is." You hum, flipping through the first few pages. A few hours later, you had made a decent dent in the book, having gotten intrigued after only a few pages. Setting the book down on the table, you sit up and stretch before going to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich. The sound of rushing feet sound before you're glomped from behind.

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