Is This The End?

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You wake up, cuddling into Law who you assumed was still asleep, and try to go back to sleep. Since you didn't have to go to the nursery today, you were going to attempt to sleep in. Ace curls up into your back with a yawn and Law nuzzles your hair softly. You sigh when your stomach growls, it deciding that you in fact would not be sleeping in today. Sitting up slowly so you wouldn't wake the other two, you crawl out of bed and drag yourself to the kitchen.

"Good morning ___." Smoker says, sitting at the table with a box of donuts. You jump, not having seen the man sitting at the table.

"Oh. Good Morning Smoker. How are you?" You ask, sitting across from him.

"I'm alright. Brought you breakfast. You've done good with them." He hums.

"Thank you." You smile, grabbing a donut from the box. "I'm happy that you think so."

"What will you do when he's grown?" He asks, sipping at his coffee quietly.

"I think, if it's possible, I would like to stick around here for a while." You say around a bite of donut. Smoker nods.

"You can if you want, we won't mind." He hums. "We'll find another use of you I'm sure."

"That sounds good. I like it here." You say, giving him a small smile. "It's nice."

"I guess it's better than how you're used to living." He comments. You nod finishing off your donut.

"It is. Very much so."

"That's good though, your soul is worth more now that it's been touched by our power." He sits back with a smile.

"Is that so..." You furrow your eyebrows. "That's sort of cool I guess."

"Just means your soul is marked, so the reapers know where to send you when you die." He shrugs

"Oh well. That's good." You grin. "Not that they'd mistake me for someone meant to go to heaven. I don't really fit into that category."

"Actually, they do that sometimes, or send them to purgatory.... We don't get along well." Smoker rubs his neck.

"Oh. Well. Hopefully they don't send me to the wrong place. If they did I would come find you guys again anyways."

"And we'll raise hell for you." A voice breathes before someone leans over and kisses your lips.

"Is that right?" You chuckle, tilting your head to see a slightly familiar face, though it was much older than you had anticipated. "Ace?" He smiles, kissing all over your face.

"Moonin! Goob moonin ___! I wuv oo!" He mimics in his old voice. You giggle, pushing him back so you could look at him.

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