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My fingers struck the keys with a placid attentiveness.

The euphoric sounds of my song filled the room, drowning out the voices of the busy restaurant's clientele. Each delicate stroke of my hands sounded a harmony of tunes into the air; all of my grief slipping away as I lost myself in the music. Allowing my heavy eyes to shut, the sweet melody cleared the melancholy thoughts from my mind. For the first time in forever, I didn't need to convince myself I was going to be okay. The steady swiftness of my hands made me feel sure of it. In this moment, I felt at peace.

A deep sigh escaped me as my hands pressed the final keys, ending my song. The patrons to my right snapped me out of my daze, the sounds of their gentle applause bringing the corners of my mouth to form a smile. Turning my gaze from them with a small laugh, I flipped through my sheet music quietly, deciding on another piece of music.

"Sounding great, Morrinson."

Hearing Damien Cade's voice brought an icy chill to rush down my spine, and I quickly twisted to my left. He leaned against the grand piano, the dim lights of the restaurant making his appearance scanty. Dressed in rich attire as usual, he wore a dark burgundy suit and turtleneck, a gold necklace resting just above his chest. Our eyes met, and he smiled at me, his grin accompanied by a clean cut beard. Cade had an elegance to him that I admired. Although intimidating; his charming grin, piercing eyes, and deep voice would make any woman swoon.

Giving him a small nod as a reply, I took a deep breath through my nose while keeping my posture straight. Taking a moment to run his fingers over his beard, Damien's eyes moved to the floor as he refrained from speaking for a few moments.

"You didn't have to come in tonight." He cleared his throat.

Keeping my voice at a low volume, I replied politely, "It's really no problem, sir."

Raising his gaze, our eyes met once again. There was a glimmer of pity showing in his stare as he watched me closely. This small display of compassion was rare behavior for Cade, his usual hostility frightening at times.

"I know it's been a hard couple of months for you, losing someone is never easy, Juliet." He consoled, his deep voice chilling me. "I think I speak for everyone when I say we're happy to have you back."

My eyes closed for a moment, taking in the kindness of his statement. It was a nice thing to hear from him. Cade was a good man deep down, despite the reputation he has.

"Thank you, sir." I smiled.

Cade's expression changed as he glanced around his restaurant, his jaw tensing for a moment. Before responding, he pulled the sleeve to his suit away slightly to reveal his wristwatch, glancing at the time. My brows furrowed a bit, and his eyes darted to me from his watch.

"It's 9 o'clock." He stated with a sigh. "Why don't you head home for the night, darling?"

"There's really no need—"

"Juliet, I insist." Cade argued, cutting me off.

The familiar tone of voice told me he wasn't going to take no for an answer, and I shot a grin at him as I shook my head. A sly smirk glided across his face, revealing that cunning smile of his. This man was a sorcerer in another life.

"Well, if you insist." I exaggerated the last word as I raised my hands slightly.

"There's that smile." He praised, and I rolled my eyes a bit. "I'll see you Monday, my dear."

With that, he made his way towards the back of the restaurant, leaving me alone at the piano. The bustling of the building was drowned out by the familiar feeling of sorrow as it surrounded me. No matter how hard I tried to suppress what I felt, my grieving was not over.

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