Leo~ Difficult Decisions

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~Leo's PoV~

(Y/n) and I anxiously watched as the ceremony began and each teenager began to pick their faction. My leg jumped uncontrollably as I tried to decide which faction I should choose. Abnegation would fit me because of my selflessness, but Dauntless would fulfill the crime fighting side of my life.

(Y/n)'s name was called before mine. Whatever she chooses, I'll just follow behind. Besides, she knows the book like the backside of her hand.

~Your PoV~

You nervously rose from your seat and descended towards the stage. Your mind practically overloaded at the thought of choosing between the factions. If you chose Dauntless, then you would have to compete against the rest of the group. If you chose Erudite, well that, too, could end bad. Abnegation or Amity could be two of the safer choices, but then you wouldn't be able to work along side Tris and Four.

Cutting your palm, you slowly hover your hand above the only faction you didn't have time to think about, Candor. However, as you agonizingly watch the blood begin to drip from your hand in slow motion, you moved. The crowd went silent.


 A second later, Leo's name was called. Without a second thought, he cut his hand and let him blood fall onto the burning stones/charcoal of the Dauntless faction. He left the stage and stood next to you.

"So what's next?" He scanned the crowd of people we were now with.

"Now, we work our butts off and try not to make Eric and Peter hate us too much." You sigh.

"And who are they?" Leo asks as you run with the rest of the group.

"Two pieces of schist that will play a part in if we make it through the Dauntless tests or not." You sprinted next to him.

~~~Time Skip because I don't want to spoil the entire book and I'm lazy~~~

Four took both you and Leo under his wing once he saw how close you and Tris had gotten. Things got worse (obviously) and the plot unfolded as planned. And then it happened.

When Four charged to attack Tris, you jumped and tackled him away from her. Four relentlessly punched you in the face until Leo finally managed to get the stronger male off of you. Leonardo threw him across the room and bent down to make sure you were okay as Tris searched for a way to shut off Four's simulator.

"(Y/N)? Oh my God. Are you okay?" He shakily lifted your head.

"Don't be so worried, Leo I'm fine." You held his hand and sat up.

Then you heard the click of a gun. Instantly, you mustered the strength you had left to push Leo away from the path of the bullet. Your body jerked back as the small hole in your stomach overflowed with blood. Falling to your knees, you covered the wound with your hand.

"(Y/N), no!" Leo rushed to you.

"Leo get out of here before-"

"No, I'm not leaving you." He cried as he held the side of your face. Seconds later, another bullet came flying through the air, landing in Leo's back. Four tried to shoot again, but Tris wrestled with him for the gun.

Leo laid beside you, holding your hand as the two of you bled out. "We have to help her. She..." He winced in pain.

"She will be okay." You coughed up blood. "Leonardo, I love you."

"I love you, too, (Y/N)."

And with that, you both slipped into the light.

Don't hate me guys, this isn't as sad as it seems I promise, but it is a cliffhanger. Sorry for the short chapter (once again).

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