Meetings, Mayhem & Possibilities

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Mr. Blackbourne's POV

I didn't know where to begin.

Two boys had texted me requesting meetings, three others had given indications that this particular meeting was necessary, and the last three were either obtuse and frustratingly unbothered by protocol (Dr. Green), or quiet and unlikely to share anything serious with me unless it was an intensely personal problem or required group-related communication (Mr. Korba and Mr. Taylor Jr.).

I ran a hand restlessly through my hair before immediately smoothing in back down and straightening my already straight glasses. I'd responded to Nathan earlier, asking that he call me tonight at his earliest convenience to discuss whatever it was that was bothering him.

Victor, on the other hand, I wrote back with my best guess.

Mr. Blackbourne: Is this about Miss Sorenson?

He didn't reply immediately but soon affirmed my suspicions.

Mr. Morgan: Yes.

Mr. Blackbourne: I'm already arranging a team meeting.

And I was. I had planned on waiting another few weeks before we had this discussion, mindful of the fact that there was only so much I could say to Miss Sorenson before I became a predator of sorts. I had expected her to accept Dr. Green's invitation(s) already and make the need for this particular discussion null.

Yet here I was.

There was an open spot on the team schedule for Saturday morning but Dr. Green would be unable to attend if he was still going to help Miss Sorenson with her yard work. I was wary of giving him any time with her on his own, but for the rest of the team to meet, ensuring Miss Sorenson was occupied may have been the best choice.

I texted Sean.

Owen Blackbourne: Keep your appointment with Miss Sorenson for Saturday morning. While you're there, I'm going to have a team meeting.

Sean Green: And would this team meeting have anything to do with 'Miss Sorenson' in the first place?

Owen Blackbourne: Perhaps. I'll fill you in once I have a better grasp on the situation.

Sean Green: You don't have a grasp on it!? Well, perhaps I should take advantage of this while I can...

Owen Blackbourne: If you had a mature bone in your body you would realize the seriousness of the situation but until you grow up I suppose I'll just keep using to exploit your degree.

I sighed and closed the chat.

It was unfortunate that I had to arrange this meeting with the understanding that many of the boys would be uncomfortable with the information I had to present. It would only be made more uncomfortable still with the agreements that we would have to make in order to press on in our current direction.

Owen Blackbourne: Family meeting for Saturday morning. Don't make any other plans.

Kota Lee: 10-4

North Taylor: Confirmed.

Victor Morgan: Location?

Owen Blackbourne: Either your house or mine, Mr. Morgan.

Luke Taylor: I vote yours, Mr. B

Silas Korba: Agreed

Gabriel Coleman: I don't care either way.

Nathan Griffin: Mr. B's house is easier.

Sean Green: Seems like it's agreed.

Owen Blackbourne: Confirmed. Saturday morning; my house. See you then gentlemen.

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