01. where bella is a good girl

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I can't wait to see 5 Seconds Of Summer live tonight with Don Broco, With Confidence, and State Champs!(A/N not a real tour) Thank god my mom is actually letting me go, with supervision of course. Although I could've gone anyway because everyone is on vacation for the next 2 months, but I always ask for permission.

"Bella hurry up we're gonna be late!" I hear Diego yell from outside the bathroom as I finish with my mascara. Diego was my best friend, he's 18 years old today, I'm 17 years of age, turning 18 in 2 months, we're both seniors in high school. I quickly look down at my outfit, old black and white adidas, black shorts and a With Confidence T-Shirt. I open the door to the bathroom and quickly grab my phone, portable charger, charger cable, chapstick, oversized hoodie, and my ticket and shove my items in a sling bag.

"Okay Dad let's go!"


We arrived at the venue 3 hours ago and have been waiting in line ever since, but they finally opened the doors.

I was so excited to see Don Broco, I had listened to most of the songs off of Automatic and wanted to see if they were good live, I tried to squeeze myself as far to the front as I could before they started and Diego was trying to stay close and keep boys away from me, it all happened so quickly. The lights went out and I heard the beginning to a song I only listened to once but knew it as Everybody. I watched as people danced to the music, not knowing the lyrics and then the song was over. I quickly glanced back at Diego who gave me a thumbs up and a smile.

It was time for the final act.

Then I heard the intro to 'Jet Black Heart' and jumped up and down and squeaked in joy, squeezing Diego's arm in the process.

I sang along to the rest of the songs and kept making long eye contact with Calum. Every single time I would eventually look down, blushing like a fool and mouthing the words to myself, because every single time, his smile burned itself into my heart.

"I'm Luke." I giggle at his response.

"I'm pretty sure I knew that." I bit my lip hoping I didn't go too far, but also enjoying his reaction. He signed my case.

See a match I wanna strike it

"Would it be too much to give you my number?" Luke spoke low so no one but me would hear and he looked into my wide eyes, my inner fangirl was screaming. He smiled and bit his lip.

"Uh, no? Here." I shake my head and open my phone, I go to contacts and press add a new contact. I hand him my phone and he quickly types in his number and hands it back to me, I see that he put his name in with hearts.

"Ready to go?" Diego came up and put his arm around me.

"Is this girl yours mate?" Luke asked playing anxiously with the cap of his sharpie. I saw Calum's attention direct towards us almost waiting for the answer. How weird.

"My girlfriend? No. My responsibility however, yes." Diego put his hand on my head, messing up my hair by rubbing my head. I heard Calum let out a breath of relief.

I quickly hugged Luke putting my head to his chest.

"Thank you for the great show!" I said about to pull away. Luke pulled me in and leaned down to my ear.

"Shoot me a message when you're home, little one." I sent him a smile as Diego pulled me away to our car.

We arrived at my home and I quickly changed into my pajamas going under my pink sheets and hearing Diego making himself comfortable on a couch in the living room which was right outside my room. I grabbed my phone and remembered what I was asked to do.

to: 💘Luke💘
hey it's Bella (: home and in bed

from: 💘Luke💘
good to know, luv. hope you had fun, be good and get to bed x

to: 💘Luke💘
yes sir!

from: 💘Luke💘
good girl x

'good girl' I couldn't shake that from my head and I don't know why. I'm sure he didn't mean it in a weird way, maybe it's an Australian thing? But damn did it feel good.


short chapter because it's the 1st and it's very crappy sorry

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