[18] Ambush

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Later during night

   Right now Max, Ross, Shelby and I are scouting out the school to see where the SKs' base might be.

"Let's check this room." Shelby says, turning the knob on one of the doors.

   The room was fairly big, it seemed to be some sort of old music room. So far the room was normal, just a little old.

I checked the sound booth things. First door? Normal. Second? Also normal? Third? Nor-- not normal.

There was a staircase going down at the corner of the room. I motioned the others to come down with me.

Just then something-- no, a group of shadow knights ambushed us. I didn't manage to catch any of their faces, but we know now that there are at least 4 SKs here.

We were then dragged into a dungeon thing and put into a jail cell, all 4 of us in the same one.

One of them said, "Guys, we caught the agents! Let's go notify the Shadow Lord!"

"Shut it. I swear Zenix, you're as excited as a kid at a candy store." Scoffs another.

"Let's just go already!" Complains one, a female.

Zenix, huh? I thought. Where have I heard that name and voice before...?

I tried to open the lock, but to no avail. Shelby and I don't have any hairpins, either.

I looked to my left to see a guy with his helmet off, looks to be a freshman. He was fiddling with his thumbs.

"Hey, guy!" I called out.

"Y-yes?" He stuttered.

"You seem to be a stutterer," points out Ross, "are you related to Garroth Ro'meave? Just a random question."

He mumbles, "Uh, yes. I'm his adoptive bro."

"Then what are you doing being a shadow knight?!" Exclaims Max.

"W-well I-I was forced into working this job, or I would be captured, or worse..." he mutters.

Shelby asks, "Do you like being a shadow knight?"

"We-well, n-no, but it's not like I have a choice..."

I lowered my voice. "Tell you what. You get us outta here, we'll try to shut down this stupid organization once and for all. Deal?"

He hesitated, then considered his options.


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