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Cait's POV

I sulked as not even Ariana Grande's song 'Greedy' couldn't cheer me up. Wow, that's when you know my life has gone to shit.

I turned over on my back in bed and closed my eyes as tight as I could. My music blasting in my ears.

"Why me?" I asked the ceiling.

All it did was stare back at me.

Dillon must hate me. He must think I'm the worst human being and he has to think I'm the biggest bitch because I was with Nathan.

I just wish there was some way I could tell him. But I know if I said anything, Dillon would beat the living hell out of Nathan and the next day those pictures would be all over the school.

Well, it wouldn't happen if he killed him...

Too much?

Yeah... that's a little overboard.

It was 7:23 pm, Thursday afternoon, I just want school to be over. I'm tired of walking the halls with Nathan and seeing the pure heartbreak on his face.

The first day it was easy to get away from him and not let him see like this but now, Its like he's everywhere I turn, breaking my heart even more.

I can't take it.

My mom walked in and I took my earphones out my ear. Time to put on a fake happy face.

"Hey mom what's up?" I smiled.

"Honey are you busy Saturday?" She asked.

Without thinking, I said no. Wow I wish I didn't.

"Could you babysit Michelle? Her mother and I are going out that day. It would really mean the world to me. I told her you may be busy with friends but she said she couldn't find another babysitter."

"Uh, I-"

"Please?" She smiled. "Shes rising the pay this time."

Well, I am running out of foundation.

"Okay I will."

I just hope I don't run into Dillon. Wait... this seems familiar. It really seems like every time I baby Michelle my biggest mission is to avoid Dillon.

Now I know that this time he will definitely be avoiding me.


Dillon POV

"Okay so, Cait will be here in probably less than a minute, there's food in the fridge and pantry, don't cause a lot of trouble...and yeah that's it-" my mom went to close my door.

"Oh and- if Michelle falls asleep early, you and Cait stay in the living room." She said sternly.

"Really mom!" I huffed in annoyancej.

I mean I'm not surprised she'd think of me like that since I've been caught with a girl in my room before but Cait won't be seen in my room.

Nathan's, probably.

"Just saying! Bye love you." Then she closed the door.

I laid back in my bed and looked up at the ceiling.

Why did she do this to me?




She looked up at me. She was beautiful, it hurt.

It really did hurt.

"Why did you do this to me?"

She sat in silence, her back turned to me.

"I'm sorry." She said.

"Are you actually sorry? You didn't seem too fucking sorry when you were on top of him!"

"I was drunk!" She screamed.

My fist slammed against the steering  wheel.

"You were not! Stop lying! That was clearly all an act! I've seen you drunk multiple times and that night you were not drunk. Tipsy, sure, but drunk thats a fucking lie."

She stayed silent because she knew I was telling the truth.

"Get out of my car." I ordered staring straight ahead.

"Dillon, I'm sorry we can work this out." She said.

"This is the second time Teresa, no more "working it out" I'm done. Get out." I said more strictly.

"But my house is a 30 minute walk away!" She said.

"Should have thought about that before you cheated."

"Fuck you." She said slamming the door. "He was better in bed than you could ever be."

~flashback ended~

And that's when I drove away, changing my whole attitude towards girls.

They were toys to me. I slept with them, and made them leave me alone after that. I had no feelings, I didn't care about their feelings. I was a heartbreaker.

I treated Cait like shit the first time I met her. I made fun of her, lied about her and made her life a living hell- not to mention taking her personal shit and invading it.

She kissed me, and I ran away scared and ashamed because I'm an asshole.

But that night, I started to see her good side. Her warming smile. She helped me become a better person. In a way I helped her and she helped me.

Now, I feel as if I turned back into my cold, asshole self.

She did this to me. I thought I could really change. I wanted to change for her, but she didn't care. She never will care.

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