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RELATIONSHIPS. What even are those? A series of unfortunate events. You share the laughs and interests in the beginning only to be left heart broken and lied to in the end.

Well, at least that's how every middle school relationship you had ended up...lame right?

You couldn't sleep that night. You couldn't really sleep thinking about Yoongi hanging out with you.

Wait, what did you just say? Hang out with Yoongi?

Oh yes, you did indeed. Today was it. The day that just yesterday you planned.

You took your time waiting to text him. You didn't want to seem annoying if you texted him too early.

So just for precaution, you texted him at precisely 11 am.

To: Suga
Hey...do you need directions??

From: Suga
Good morning angel. I was hoping to hear from you soon. I'll be over ASAP. 💐

You frowned in confusion upon looking at the flower emoji. What did that even mean?

You had no clue.

You sat your phone down, standing up quickly to go get ready for Yoongi's arrival.

You brushed through your (h/l) (h/c) locks, glancing at yourself in the mirror before sitting the brush down.

You started to wash your face as you thought about him.

"Wait..." You suddenly spoke to yourself; pulling the wet cloth away from your face.

"I didn't tell him the address...?"

Your conversation with yourself was suddenly cut short  by a soft knocking at your door.

You hurriedly finished washing the rest of your face before throwing the cloth in the hamper and rushing to the front door.

You opened it swiftly, a little too swiftly. Were you really this excited for a guy you've barely gotten to know?


There he was. Blonde hair hiding his eyes, that gummy smile he always seemed to have around you.

He wore a hat today and a lose red hoodie with a pair of jeans.

He looked...good as always.

"Hello y/n. May I come in?" His soft, deep voice asked calmly. He glanced behind you before looking back at you.

You stood for a few minutes just staring at him; still dumb struck by how nicely he looked even in lazy attire.

You shook your head when he let out a deep chuckle and moved his hand in front of your face.

"Wha--yeah! I mean, yeah. S-sorry." You stammered embarrassed; moving to let him through.

He looked around as you shut the door.

"Just how I remember..." He mumbled.

Though you didn't hear exactly what he said. "What?" You ask curiously, coming beside him.

"Oh, I said nice place you have angel." He gave you a small smirk and you smiled.

"Thank you."

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