Chapter 66

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The space behind her was warm as she felt a body pressed up against her back. His strong arm lay over the curve in her waist as his hand lay flat to her stomach, her hand above his. Her fingers were still entangled with his as they slept.

She became aware of how they were as she began to awake, everything from the previous night coming back to her in one go.

"Connie you realise there isn't a single person who isn't watching us." She shrugged as they continued dancing, the music speeding up a little more as she turned to face him. "Does it bother you?" "Bother me!? Hell I just kissed the hottest consultant in the room-" "Then shut up." His eyes lit up as she smiled to him, his arm around her waist still as they danced.

She carefully ran a hand over her face as the smile that had appeared last night returned. Connie couldn't remember the last time she had woken up feeling this content. Her eyes were still heavy with tiredness as flashes of the previous evening kept coming to her.

Sam pulled on her hand as they slipped from the building to stand under the cover of darkness outside. Her back pressed to the wall as his hands rest either side of her before his lips collided with hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he moved his hands to her waist, holding her tightly before him.

People passed by discreetly and for the first time Sam realised that Connie wasn't pulling herself away. As the thought ran through his mind, he wrapped his arms around her happy in his thoughts that he could finally get that happy ending with her.

Sam moved behind her before pulling her into his chest further. She felt his warm breath against her shoulder as she glanced back to see him asleep still. Resting her head back down she shut her eyes letting sleep come easily.

Sam had drunk a considerable amount by the end of the evening. Connie watched as the final few groups of people began retiring. Rolling her eyes, she wandered towards the staff from the department with Elliot. Sam's eyes met hers quickly before he turned away.

Shaking her head she stopped beside them, moving her arm around his waist causing him to drop his arm around her shoulders. Leaning to the side he pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Think you should call it a night Mr Strachan-" "Only if you come upstairs with me." She felt the colour flush through her cheeks as various members of staff glanced to one another.

"Let's just get you upstairs..." Everyone said their goodbyes before Sam took her hand in his. "Good night?" Connie looked to him to see him watching her, waiting for an answer. Letting her eyes fall to the floor she nodded. "Yeah, it was alright." "Good." They made it to her room as someone else wandered through the corridor.

Bumping into Sam, he spun to look at them. "You're punching-" "Maybe I am, but it's more than working for me." Connie was too busy finding the room key to see Sam standing opposite the other consultant. "She'll get bored of you, especially when she realises you can't give her what she wants."

Turning around she moved to stand beside Sam who looked ready to hit the man before him. Pushing her hands to his chest she stepped closer to the other consultant she recognised from the group earlier that night. "If he couldn't give me what I wanted, he wouldn't be about to go into my hotel room." She smirked snidely at the other consultant who began to wander along the corridor. Placing a hand to Sam's chest she kept her eyes on the other man. "Don't take it personally, he's tried to get me in bed for the last four years and failed."

Sam laughed as he wound an arm around her waist before walking towards the room with her. "Guess I'm the lucky one who managed it then-" "I guess so." She laughed as he lifted her from the floor, shutting the hotel door behind them.

Connie woke another hour later to see they were still wrapped together in the same position. Moving her hand from his she ran her hands over her face before running them through her hair. Sam inhaled deeply behind her before releasing a groan as he rolled onto his back. Connie smiled rolling onto her front to look across at him with a wide smile.

"Sam there's something I need to tell you." He stopped his attack on her as she straddled his waist while he sat on the end of the bed. "That doesn't sound good..." "No- It's nothing bad." He sighed as she moved from where she had been sitting to stand before him.

Lifting his hand she lay it to her stomach, a small smile on his face instantly by the meaningful action. "I got the results back..." His eyes lifted to hers, all smiles from his face gone as his expression became serious. "Shall I officially start referring to you as Daddy or do we just leave that until they're here?"

He knew that no words would come out even if he tried as he looked up to her. His eyes blurred momentarily as he watched her still. "Connie-" She nodded feeling her own tears appear as she smiled. "It's your baby Sam." He was standing in a seconds notice, wrapping her up tightly in his arms as he buried his face into her shoulder.

Connie held onto him tightly as he hugged her, feeling her shoulder dampen slightly before he stood up to face her. She placed her hands either side of his face removing the tears from his cheeks. "I love you-" He laughed moving to kiss her, his hands resting over her stomach as she pressed hers above his.

Sam broke apart from her, his hands moving to her hips as he lifted her up before spinning in a circle. Connie smiled looking down to him before kissing him again, the happiness surging through them both.

Her eyes rest on him as he kept his shut. "Tell me I didn't dream any part of last night..." She rest her head on her hands as she smirked. "Well you definitely got your dance, I definitely kissed you in front of a room full of people, I'm sure someone overheard me telling you I love you... Oh and you've got five months to prepare yourself for our baby."

Sam's head turned to the side as he gradually opened his eyes to see her. "I didn't imagine it? You really told me that last night-" "I really told you that." She smiled as he turned on his side causing her to lay back. Sam searched her face for any sign that what she had said wasn't true but all he could see was the happiness she didn't try to hide.

He laughed shaking his head before pushing the covers down to show her tanned skin. She rolled her eyes before feeling his hand press to the slight rise of her stomach. "You'd never believe you were already over three months pregnant... You're still as beautiful as you always have been." She blushed before he lowered his lips to the smooth skin of her stomach.

Moving a hand to his hair she felt his lips lift from her skin. "I promise I'm going to look after you and your Mummy forever..." His eyes moved to hers before he lifted himself back up the bed to kiss her. Falling back to the bed he enveloped her into a tight hug, their hands falling to the same position she had woken in that morning. Neither were in any sort of rush to leave, instead they remained in the hazy bliss with one another for as long as they could.

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