Chapter 65

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Connie stopped before the mirror, messing around with her hair again before she dropped her hands to her sides giving up. It fell in subtle curls over her shoulders, the length of it catching her eye. She couldn't remember when it had gotten so long. Focusing on the small details to distract her mind, she soon found herself thinking about him again. The butterflies in her stomach telling her that this was right.

Picking up the small silver necklace from the side, she clasped it around her neck before holding her purse moving from the room. The thought of arriving at the event without Sam's company was mind numbing and she wasn't quite sure how she was going to occupy herself for so long.

After a few minutes downstairs of putting her heels on, the taxi arrived outside. She wandered into the hallway, taking a final glimpse in the mirror. The white dress fitted to her every curve, falling gently to the ground. Picking up a jumper from the side, she draped it over her shoulders to protect herself from the cold until she got to the venue.

By the time she arrived, there were already several other people about. She hoped it would mean she could get out without any attention and slip in unnoticed however it seemed that wasn't quite how it happened. "Ah Mrs Beauchamp..." She rolled her eyes silently before turning to see Hansen standing a short distance from her. "Henrik-" "There's some board members already inside, it would be good to introduce yourself." She nodded courteously before continuing up the steps carefully watching her step.

She failed to see a set of eyes watching her as they leant up against the building from the other side of the steps. Connie kept her head low knowing it was easier than starting any conversations with those around her. He watched her intently, taking in a deep breath as he watched her release the gentle grasp she had on her dress so that it fell down to her feet once again.

Connie looked breathtaking and he was unable to stop himself from watching her. She was sure she felt someone's eyes on her as she stood at the top, her hair falling down her back as she subtly looked down at the space she had just crossed. Sighing she went to continue before noticing someone through the few people who were walking into the reception beside her.

Her eyes lifted over his suit as he seemed to fiddle with the buttons of his jacket, his eyes on her. He couldn't help but smile seeing her begin to wander through the small crowd towards him, all of her movements seeming to be in slow motion. Turning away from her he held his arm out as she fell into step beside him, moving her arm through his. "You said you were working-" "And miss seeing you looking like this?"

They continued walking beside the building, her heels echoing as they stopped beneath the small archway leading out to the gardens. Looking up to him she smiled again as he stepped closer, leaning down to meet her lips. Connie lifted her arms around his neck as his hands pressed to her waist until she was pressed closely to his chest. Responding to him, the world around them seemed a million miles away.

Sam ran a hand over her cheek before his fingers glided through the curls of her hair. Parting from him, she let her eyes drop while he watched her. "You look absolutely breathtaking." The colour rose in her cheeks as she dipped her head before feeling his hand holding hers once again.

Tucking themselves out of sight, he moved his hand to her jaw before placing his lips delicately to hers again. Parting from her, he met her eyes with a small smile. "You really do look beautiful tonight. I know this isn't easy, so I'll keep my space tonight..." Connie took hold of his hand tightly watching him. "You leave me alone with those pompous idiots and you will never work in Holby again."

Sam laughed before nodding, taking a step away from her as he offered her his arm once more as he had before as they separated a little. Without a word, she took it as they walked back towards the main entrance. Sam supported her as they wandered up the stairs following the footsteps of everyone else.

As they came to a more crowded area, Connie feared that Sam would begin to pull away but instead she felt his hand cover hers. Lifting her eyes to him she couldn't help the smile that sat on her face. Cursing herself silently she shook her head as they walked in together, immediately spotting Elliot a small distance ahead of them. "God now I know how good Greg felt last year..." Connie scoffed before laughing as they stopped beside Elliot.

"Connie, nice to see you here-" "As if either of you were going to let me stay at home tonight." Sam and Elliot exchanged knowing glances before they all sat around the table. She sat happily between the pair as they chatted quietly, oblivious to the many people that watched her that night. Sam however, was not. Seeing how many eyes were on her, he worried about saying or doing something stupid to embarrass her.

She had noticed how quiet he had become as he stared blankly across the hall at a group of consultants who seemed to be watching them. Turning back to him she moved a hand to his knee snapping his attention back. "If I wanted any of them, I'd have them. You and I both know that." He laughed moving a hand to rest above hers before lifting his eyes to hers. "I don't want to embarrass you-" "Then don't tread on my feet." "What?"

Connie placed her glass down before standing up, holding a hand towards him. "I seem to remember promising you a dance." She watched as the smile returned to his face as he got up quickly taking her hand within his. Connie led him through the groups of people before turning back to face him. "You remember this song right? Or were you too drunk last time-" "Like I could forget." Her expression matched his as he took a deep breath stepping closer to her.

You light, the skies, up above me. A star, so bright, you blind me. Yeah. Don't close, your eyes. Don't fade away, don't fade away. Ohh...

She smiled seeing how all the confidence seemed to have disappeared from him. He turned her around slowly never moving his eyes from her. Connie's fingers laced through his as he pulled her gently to his chest as though she were breakable. His hand pressed to the small of her back, in a way that only he ever held her. Connie lay her other hand to his chest as their eyes fixed onto one another.

Yeah you and me we can ride on a star if you stay with me girl we can rule the world.

Sam stepped back and forth slowly, leading her as though he knew what he were doing. He spun her around raising a smile on her lips before she moved back into his chest again. Each move they made the same as the ones they had shared the year before, yet every second felt just as private as it had when they were alone.

All the stars are coming out tonight, they're lighting up the sky tonight. For you, for you...

Connie spun a final time before taking his hands again. Their eyes on one another, as she felt everyone else's attention on them. "I feel like everyone could be watching us yet it's like nobody else is in the room." Sam smirked nodding as she let her eyes fall from him for only a second. "I..." She looked to him expectantly but he only shook his head, remembering their surroundings and how she had been before about everybody knowing. "Doesn't matter. I think Elliot's coming your way, you know he's the only man to get away with dancing with you and getting no questions."

Connie smirked as Sam slowly began to let her from his grasp. The small action held her attention more than anything else. For some reason it felt like if she were to let go she'd be letting go of the last chance she'd have to make this work. "Sam?" "Yes?" She stepped closer moving her hand to his cheek before leaning up placing her lips to his delicately. Elliot stopped where he was, turning in the other direction with a small smile.

Sam moved his hands to her waist, one moving to the small of her back. She smiled against his lips at how he held her before feeling him kiss her again, deeper this time. Connie let her hands lace around his neck as she responded to him ignoring the looks she was sure they were gaining.

Parting from her, he looked down at her as she focused on him. "Any particular reason you did that?" "Because I love you..." He couldn't help but smile, placing a strand of hair back behind her ear. "I love you too Mrs Beauchamp." She laughed gently as he kissed her once more before spinning her around. They continued to dance, knowing that by the time they arrived at work tomorrow there would be more questions than answers waiting for them but right now neither cared.

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