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Emily thought being a Argent was just about being part of a protective family that moved a lot but will moving to Beacon Hills change her out look on life and what will happen when she learns what being Argent is and what if she falls in love with the enemy......

M.A. Christman

The Other Argent

"We teach our sons to be soldiers and our daughters to be leaders"

-Chris Argent


       I sat in the back of my Mom's car listening to music from my phone relaxed in the back seat of the car  with my fraternal twin Allison in the front seat next to my mom in case you are wondering my name is Emily Argent. We were driving back to our new home in Beacon Hills California after driving back from the mall. 

        We were moving there because of my dad's job. This was always the cause of moves and it was constantly reiterated to me and Allison that it was a necessary evil.

        Personally I don't think we are going to stay here very long we never do. I watch the forest go by when my Mom serves the car and I'm thrown around, I grab onto the door handle to try and catch myself.  I pull out my headphones to see what happened. "What just happened?" I yell. Mom slams on the breaks before she answers. 

        Allison jumps out of the car the pouring rain coming down. I run out after her. "Allison, Emily!"  

           "Allison what happened?" I yell over the rain following after her as she runs into the woods.

            "Mom almost hit someone." She calls back as she slows to a stop, she looks around. 

           I catch up to her. "What's that?" I ask.

          She bends down and picks up an inhaler. 

         Then we hear a loud howl, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Allison and I share a look of fear. That sounded close. My mom catches up to us. "Allison, Emily!" 

        She grabs both of us by our arms and throws the inhaler.

          "Get in the car now!" She barks. 

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