Chapter 16

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I woke up feeling very uncomfortable, on my back. I frowned when I saw a Spider-Man decorated fan above me and I realized I wasn't at home. Feeling pressure on my chest, I looked down and saw Alesandro's head resting there, a soft snore leaving his lips.

His hair was wild, fanning over his forehead and his mouth was slightly open, a pool of drool wetting part of my shirt. I smiled, pressing my lips to his forehead. My gaze drifted behind of him and I saw that Eli was gone, but the imprint his body made in the sheets was still there.

The doorknob turned and I raised my head in time to see my mother walk in. She jumped slightly when she finally settled her eyes on me before smiling.

"Well, this is a sight to see. Were you here all night?" She asked, and I nodded, shifting a bit. Alesandro's body tensed for a second, and then relaxed.

"What time is it?" I asked, not seeing a clock anywhere in my son's room.

"Almost eight-thirty. You'll have to wake up Alesandro because he has school at nine."

"Okay." I answered, slowly easing my way out from under him. Standing up, I stretched and made a weird noise while I did. Alesandro's eyelids fluttered for a bit before opening, his sleep ridden eyes taking in the scene around him.

"Good morning." He whispered, smiling when he saw me. A warm feeling spread through my chest and I watched him sit up, stretching almost the exact same way I did a few seconds earlier, his mouth wide open as he yawned. "I didn't know you would stay." He commented, wiping the side of his mouth and rubbing his hand on his pajamas.

"Of course I stayed. Why wouldn't I?" I asked and he glanced over to where Eli was before he left.

"Daddy didn't stay." He answered, something in his tone making me want to scoop him up and keep him in my arms forever. I knelt down in front of him and cupped his face, his blue eyes swinging to focus on mine.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Daddy's a very busy man." I said softly, rubbing my thumb across his cheek. "How about you get ready for school, and I'll take you there, okay?"

Alesandro's eyes lit up and he nodded vigorously. "Okay!" While he got ready, I went downstairs with my mom, chatting with her about everything that had been going on since I discovered I was a demon. I teleported home to change my clothes, opting for a strapless black shirt with faded blue skinny jeans and black flats.

When I came back, my mom told me where everything for Alesandro was, like his book bag, what he liked for lunch, etc. After she left for work, I sat at the dinner table, thinking about last night.

Eli told me he loved me. Like actual love. The way he said it had my heart taking off, and I could feel that before my memories were taken, I loved him just as much. But now? The only love I felt towards him was friendship. Yeah, I was sexually attracted to him, but honestly, who wasn't? He was like sex on legs.

But he was also my husband and the father of my son, who I barely even knew. Now that I was thinking about it, I barely knew Eli. All I've known was the life after my memories were taken; the life with Eliezer, my best friend and Mellie...

I frowned when I thought of her, the scene from the alley coming back to me. Her with her black wings and her husband, who I thought was dead this entire time, per what she told me. What was she? She said she was an experiment gone right, but I didn't understand what that actually meant.

Since I was starting my new job today, I would ask her more later. I could feel a headache coming on from my persistent thoughts and I willed it away, which made me think of how inexperienced I was in the demon department. I needed to be trained or else I would be helpless the next time rogue demons decide to surprise attack me.

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