(RWBY)Glynda Goodwitch x Wolf Faunus Reader!

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This story is for AnalynAlcantara. ⚠️Warning this story will have Lolicon. Which means that Glynda will be her regular self as a teacher who will eventually fall in love with a student. If you don't like it don't read it. Thank you.

Your P.O.V.

I ran through the halls of Beacon. I was late for class again! And the teacher I had was harsh. If I were just 1 second late she would give me a detention. Does she do this for anyone else? Nope, only to me. What does she have against me!!? Sometimes she gets on my nerves. I burst through the door right as the bell rang and the teacher stared me down.

Miss Glynda Goodwitch ran a hand through her hair, almost as if she were fixing it because I was there,"Ms.(y/l/n) see me after class". I nodded sighing in relief and took my seat. The class went by.  I was looking at the time and was about to jump out of my seat and run towards the door when she came infront of me and held onto my book bag,"Class dismissed," she said just loud enough.

I grumbled to myself and looked a Miss Glynda as she began talking once everyone had left, "You'll be in detention for 1 hour after school with me. Learn to be on time".

            I sighed and just nodded. I was tired of being in detention. Plus, I was on time today! I got in just as the bell rung so that shouldn't count,  right? But nooo, Miss Glynda hates me.

-Time Skip-

I walked into Miss Glynda's room and sat it my seat. Miss Glynda wasn't here yet so I sat in silence. I began drawing and didn't notice that someone had walked in. Before I realized it someone was in front of my desk. Sure enough it was Miss Glynda. She reached down and grabbed my chin, pulling my face up to hers, and kissing me.

I pulled away immediately, "Wh-what the hell?!! Why did you kiss me!?!" I jumped out of my seat and backed away from her. She just stared at me and never answered my question. She kept walking closer and closer. I was backed against the wall and she came up to me pinning me.
               She met my lips with hers and kissed me deeply. I gave up. I couldn't fight her anymore and I kissed her back. For the next hour she continued to kiss me hardly letting me breathe. She seemed happy and that was the first for that and because she was happy I was happy.

-Time Skip to next day-

               "What's wrong with Miss Glynda?," everyone was asking the same question the whole day. For once in the whole time I've known her, Miss Glynda had smiled during class. Today I purposely showed up late to class so she would give me a detention. And I couldn't wait for school to be over.

That's it. Hope you enjoyed.

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