43. lind from this sweet, sweet craving

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by: missandrogyny

harry tops i think


"So, I guess we'll go?" Louis asks later, when Harry has calmed down and eaten his weight in Chinese food. He plays with this chopsticks, spearing another piece of chicken and pops it in his mouth. "I mean, I wouldn't mind. We could make it an adventure."

Harry observes him, watches him seated across from him on their old living room carpet, with a container of food on his lap. He's fidgeting, avoiding meeting Harry's gaze–he probably knows that Harry's mad at him for ruining the one chance they had to get out of this situation. And he's not wrong, Harry is definitely very mad. Harry wants to strangle him and castrate him and smack him upside the head.

But he's also Harry's best friend, and despite everything, despite all the fuck-ups and the plot twists and everything just not playing out the way it should, he'd still rather be stuck in this situation with Louis than any of the other boys. He's got Harry's back, and in a weird, abstract way, he knows they'll be able to get out of this situation, together.

Harry sighs. "We're going," he says resignedly, his shoulders slumping.

Oh well. There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

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Harry has always considered Louis his best friend.

He doesn't really know how that happened–Louis isn't his oldest friend, not by a mile, nor is he the most reliable (that's Liam), but he's the one Harry knows best, the one that Harry would turn to if he ever needed anything. He's the one that knows everything about Harry, from Harry's most embarrassing moments to what he had for breakfast today, and the one that can literally finish Harry's sentences. The one who can lift Harry's mood with just a smile or a well-placed comment, the one who's always there for Harry, during the good days and the bad.

He's the one Harry wants to spend most of his time with, so much that for they've lived together for the past three years, sharing a two-bedroom flat somewhere in London. He's the one that has stayed constant, despite the ever-growing changes in their friendship group. He's Harry's best friend, and despite getting Harry into a bit of trouble the past few years, Harry would still be willing to pull another prank with Louis, should he ask.

And ask he does.

"Harry," he says, brightening up when he catches sight of Harry on the couch, looking at pictures on his laptop. He kicks off his shoes and drops his bag on the floor, before making his way onto the couch. "Harry, Harry, listen."

Harry makes a mental note to pick up his things later. "What is it?"

"Guess what I found out today," Louis says smugly. He sits down beside Harry, shakes his arm for good measure.

Harry cocks his head and pretends to think. "That you're a giant arse?"

Louis swats him on the back of the head. "No."

"That you have a giant arse?"

"One more and you'll wake up without an eyebrow," Louis threatens. He sits on his knees, crosses his arms. "Really, guess."

"I don't want to," Harry complains, leaning back on the couch. He closes his eyes, places his hands above his eyes. "I'm a shit guesser."

"You are also a whiny baby," Louis shoots back, pinching and twisting Harry's ear. Harry and slaps his hand away.

"Just tell me."

Louis sighs. "God, you are no fun. But fine, I'll tell you, because I looooove you." He leans forward, his lips pursed, making loud kissy noises until Harry huffs and pushes his face away.

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