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Sans's P.O.V

Geeze, she's been through a lot. I almost feel bad for her, but she's still a fear soul. She could be lying for all I know, Betty said stuff to make us feel sorry for her. I don't know if I should trust her or not, but her soul does seem to be giving off honesty and sadness. It was cracked as well, I guess what she said was true.

She's still a fear soul though.

Frisk's P.O.V

I feel horrible for leaving Ash by herself, I'll make it up to her. Somehow, maybe a party? Yeah a surprise apology party! PERFECT! Now I need to ask mom if it's alright with her, hopefully she says yes.

Ash's P.O.V

I really hope HE doesn't find me, if he does I won't hold back in killing him. I felt Frisk tap my arm, indicating they wanted down. I let them go and they whispered something to the goat lady, she nods, gets up and they go somewhere. Silence. Awkward Silence. I kept staring at the ground, hands on my knees.


Pain shoots through my skull as I remember what HE did when it was silent, my eyes widened and my breathing turned into panting. I held my chest and my head, my eyes burned.

"Kid?" "Darling?" "HUMAN?" "Child?" "-Gasp- My child?" "Y-you alright?" "Punk?" "Ash?"

They all spoke at once, I made a Pink dome making sure I can't hurt them or Frisk.

"D-don't come n-near me, y-you'll get h-hurt. Please, s-stay back." I stuttered, another painful memory shot through my skull. I started crying.


He came towards me with a burning metal brander, he had a wicked smirk on his face.

"Come on doll, you'll be fine, it'll hurt more if you struggle against the chains like that." He said chuckling darkly, I was crying so hard. I shook my head violently, I pushed my frail, weak, body farther into the corner.

"Please, n-no more, please." I whimpered, he gave a hearty laugh like he found this hilarious. He yanked my arm up making me stand, I cried out. Pain shot through the nerves of my skinny arm, he held the brander close to my face. Smirking.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you over your whimpering and stuttering you bitch." he said, his eyes were wild and diolated. He was insane. He lifted up my dirty, brown, shirt to reveal scars, bruises and healing cigarette burns littering my thin skin. To my horror he was slowly inching the brander closer and closer to my almost nonexistent stomach.

I screamed as it touched and melted my skin, he laughed loudly at my suffering.

-flashback end-

I screamed and cried as I held my stomach were the brand still remains, on my skin. I noticed my dome faltering, I saw the worried faces of the monsters. I saw Frisk crying, as she banged on the dome shouting something. But it was muffled by my dome. I put my shaky hands out signaling for them to stop, but they didn't listen. They were determined to get to me.

The pain in my head eased and soon stopped, that memory was what I hated the most. I grit my teeth hard, I heard them creaking in displeasure. I tasted iron, I felt blood trickle from the corner of my mouth. My vision suddenly blurred, the dome disappeared and I saw them rushing toward me as I blacked out hearing them shout my name.

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