Chapter 4

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"Wait a bit, I'll go check on Wyatt before we go to the hall," Ji-Hun said as he tapped his phone with his thumb.

"Sure thing," I mouthed, watching as he nodded before he started heading towards the direction of the sickbay. He disappeared into the crowd, and I was soon left alone by my locker. I turned, retrieving my books before holding on to my bag and taking out my phone. I strapped my bag on my shoulders before playing Tomb Raider as I waited for Ji-Hun to get back, and Aiyana to get here at any meeting.

"Woot! I heard you were coming too!"

I heard Aiyana's voice say. I looked up, finding her holding on her handbag as her thumb finger tapped against her phone's screen.

"Yeah." I shrugged, pocketing my phone before looking up at her properly. She smiled at me briefly before returning her gaze to her phone. She tapped it a few more times before she eventually put it away. Her dark long hair was held back with colorful pins, and my gaze settled on her brows as she pushed back strands of her stray hair. Her brows still looked out of place to me, since she just shaved them into a more defined arch just last week.

"I know my brows look hideous, just spare me the staring, okay? That's what I get for following a DIY video on YouTube."

I laughed, watching as she moved from arranging her hair to trying to hide her brows with her bangs with little to no success.

We waited by my locker until Ji-Hun came back sometime around when the hallway had almost emptied out.

"How's Wyatt?" Aiyana asked. I'd told her what had happened while we waited and she was genuinely worried.

"He's doing fine. He just needs some bed rest. He took his mask off during his biology practical and you can say he's paying for it. Wyatt can be silly at times..." Ji-Hun trailed as he ran a hand through his hair. His brows had knitted into a frown as he made his way to change his books. "He'll be a lot better soon. We'll pick him up from the sick bay after the council meeting."

With that Aiyana nodded, and we both waited for Ji-Hun to get his books before we made our way to the hall. When we got there, I followed them into the room, looking about the place that was already filled up with seniors and class representatives.

"Ah, you must be Ben. Ji-Hun said you were coming." Amanda, the person that I'd noticed as the vice president of the student council said to me as I walked through the door. She followed us to the table Aiyana led Ji-Hun and me to and stood in front of it before holding her waist as she looked around the room with a smile.

"Yeah..." I trailed before looking away. I was wondering if she was still standing there because I hadn't answered her question. She seemed satisfied with my answer, and she soon walked back to the door to talk to students as they stepped into the hall. I sighed, feeling myself relax in her absence before taking out my phone.

"Hey everyone. I'm sorry I'm late," a voice I recognized echoed through the hall, making the noise in the room hush to whispers. I turned towards the door to find Felix beaming at everyone as they started to get up from tables to change seats as he headed for the roundtable at the center of the room.

"I'm leaving guys. I have to sit with the other class reps," Aiyana muttered as she got up, leaving Ji-Hun and me behind on the table alone. I let my eyes flicker to the table at the center of the room. Felix was now taking a look at a list as Amanda settled down beside him. She was a red-haired girl with bright blue eyes and freckled cheeks. From the way she spoke to everyone as they walked through the door, I guessed that she was probably the friendly type.

"Okay, so let's get the meeting started. Charles, are you taking the minutes?" Felix asked.

"Sure thing," a senior at the corner of the room with five others said as he raised up a clipboard over his mop of brown curly hair. Felix smiled, looking down at the list in his hands again. He went through each bullet point, addressing the issues as each of the head of departments got to talk for a few minutes.

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