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Y/N P.O.V:

I woke up in an unfamiliar room, it was the morning. 'For how much i have been sleeping? Was that a dream?' I asked as I sat on he bed, I looked at my wrists and there were marks of the rope which means it wasn't a dream. My body hurt in every move i made.

The only question that was in my mind right now is where i'm I? It was a pretty room, it was lively and shinny.

I was still naked, i was okay with it since it was hot outside. The memory from that night disgusted me.

I heard the door nob moving making my heart beats go faster, the only thing i was hoping for is to not be Jimin.

The door got opened showing the person...



Y/N P.O.V:

"Ready to feel me inside you princess?" Jimin asked as he started pulling my underwear down slowly. I was closing my eyes breathing heavily as i knew i couldn't do anything to stop him, tonight was my end.

"Please don't, i'm begging you" I cried out as i knew he won't listen since he doesn't have a heart, begging was my only way even if it was useless.

"Don't worry dear, you know i won't go easy on you" He smirked as he cupped my cheek harshly. Tears streamed down my cheek like waterfalls.


As Jimin was about to insert his pepper inside you (I'm sorry your author is still immature) when he felt a strong force hit him making him get thrown on the wall making it crack.

It was non other than his enemy, Jungkook. Jimin ran his hand through his hair for a better view.

"Look who's here, wanna join?" Jimin said sarcastically.

"I see you exited to use your pepper, or more like a...Jalapeños" Jungkook chuckled making Jimin triggered. (This is turning into a Mexican dish).

"Shut up." Jimin said commanded.

"It was funny how i beat your ass up this morning at school" Jimin added.

"I know that you act all cool at me in school because you know i won't beat your ass in front of people, I see you enjoying the fact that i'm not showing who i am really to the public Jiminie" Jungkook laughed as he walked closer to Jimin.

"What about you beat me up now? Just me and you Chimchim." Jungkook smirked placing his foot on Jimin's chest whom was still on the floor against the wall.

"No thanks." Jimin said before turning into dust.

"Little chicken" Jungkook muttered. He looked at your pitiful condition and started walking to the bed before crawling on top of you. Your vision wasn't clear since your eyes were filled with tears.

"Please get me out of here, i'm begging you, i will give you anything you want, just please get me out of here." You gagged as you breathed heavily with tears streaming down your cheeks.

"Shhh" Was the last thing you heard before your vision went totally black.



"You're awake! It took you almost a week, i was starting to get worried" He smiled holding a bowl of soup. You quickly hid your exposed body with the warm blanket.

He slowly walked to the bed and sat on it next to you, he handed you the bowl of soup carefully. You, the one with shaking hands took it making it fall on your tights.

"Oh man holy shit!" He said before running to the kitchen and coming back with napkins. The soup went through the thin fabric of the blanket going directly to your naked body.

He was about to pull the blanket and wipe the soup when you held the blanket tightly and pursed your lips, the hot liquid burned against your skin like there was no tomorrow but you was just too embarrassed to show him your body.

You was so dumb since he had already seen you naked that night, it was hard for him to control himself from doing something dirty but managed to succeed anyhow.

"I will do it" You said as you took the napkins from his hand and started wiping your tights under the blanket. He smiled seeing your red cheeks.

Y/N P.O.V:

"How have you been noona?" He asked looking down as always. I didn't answer, my tears answered him as they fell uncontrollably. I just looked down remembering the pain from that night, it was tough.

"I-I'm s-sorry." He apologized. I held his hand and shook my head.

"You shouldn't be, you saved me." My teary eyes met his as he had a guilty look on his face. he just stayed silent as he bit his lips letting out a soft sight.

"T-Tell me, do you t-think Jimin is n-normal?" I asked making him gulp.

"A-Apart from him being a rapist, i don't k-know m-more..." He said.

"Are you normal?" I asked seriously.

His eyes met mine shooting me a smile.

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