His Wicked Ways

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"I need that tape, Gio. I know you could have it anytime you want, kiddo. I fucking know you're holding the ace!" His expectant voice reaches my ears, barking at me like I was his pawn. It didn't sit well with me.

Anger bubbles up in my system, my vision morphs darkly, and I envisioned blood oozing out of his chest, head blows up with brains splattered in tiny pieces.

I'm not fucking use her. She is my precious prize possession, and nobody fucking ordered me to do such thing, especially not my Bambolina.

My eyes twitched as I simply cocked my head at Vito, my loyal underboss, sharing him a clear message. He surreptitiously nods his head back at me, signaling he gets the message. Giovanni Santorini is defined to all Italian's business enemies as the dirty ruthless megalomaniac businessman. For the women, Giovanni Santorini is the living Zeus of Italian.

What does he like to do?

Play dirty games are his sports.

Strip and ravish a woman are his hobbies.

Commitment and love are his dislikes.

Winning a challenge is his main goal.

Then a challenge begun when he met the stormy-eyed fiery spirited Athena Giudici - who brought storms in his peaceful rather cold heart - in a very ungracious situation became a challenge which he wanted to win.

Will this challenge be a deserving goal to win? And is he capable of bringing her in his dark dangerous world he's living in?

Author: MsDreamerGirl84

Status: Completed

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