Kelsey Ann Miller

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After Death Of A Bachelor Tour

"Stay bright and love Ryan Ross, guys! Love you, Kelsey Ann Ross out." I said signing off my video. It was the only that kept me sane in this orphanage. I closed my camera and put it away beneath my bed.

Only my friend Ryder knew about my videos, but he knew everything about me. I didn't bother starting on the video since it was a pre-recorded. There was no point until I needed it or was too lazy, like always.

As I was putting on a sweatshirt to go downstairs, my door busted open. "Kelsey Ann!" Ryder said excited. I laughed and walked over, hugging him. "What?" I said really excited, holding onto his shoulders. Anytime he has an emotion it immediately becomes mine. "You're gonna get adopted, Kels! They don't even want an interview, they want you." He said hugging me and kissing my forehead. It wasn't really weird since we were that close.

"You aren't sad?" I said really sad. His face automatically dropped seeing my face and hearing what I said. "No, no. I'm happy for you. You've always been there for me Kels and I love you for that, I just want you to have a home." He said bringing me downstairs.

On the last step, he held onto me and turned me around so I couldn't see the people. "It's Zack, Panic's bodyguard, just a warning. Have fun, love you Kelsey Ann Miller." He said and ran back up the stairs. It could be anyone from Panic, in guessing on my life it isn't Zack. I took a deep breath and walked to Miss Beatrice. "I'm getting adopted?" I ask her even though I saw Zack out of the corner of my eye.

"Yes, but they aren't here, someone from their family is here to pick you up." She said, sending me up to my room to pack. I saw Ryder sitting down on the floor, leaning on his door, crying. I helped him up and took him to my room. "Ryder, man up dude." I said slapping the side of his face. He laughed and wiped away his tears.

I hugged him and he soon picked me up and spun me around. "We have each other's numbers, and you aren't even moving out of the city." He whispered to me. "Yeah," I said putting my hair in a ponytail. "Now help me pack." I said, getting the bag from my closet. He started packing all my shirts, while I got pants.

"Looks like you won't be wearing this ever, huh?" He said, sadly. He was holding up a panic t-shirt. When we were younger and just getting into Panic we said if we ever got adopted by anyone famous, we'd play dumb. I nodded and still made him pack all of my shirts, which were only band shirts. Sad right? He then started to pack my shoes while I got under garments.

We walked downstairs, with him holding my heavy bag. He set it by my feet while we stood next to Zack. He reached behind me and took out my ponytail, and for the thousandth time hugged me. "Be you as much as possible." He said, not being able to whisper, his voice cracking.

"God," he sighed and pulled away. "Welcome to your tape, Kelsey. Welcome to your tape." He said and waved, walking up the stairs. When we were actually mad at each other we settled it out, this was what we said if it was playful. "Don't cry, craft." I called after him as I walked out of the door, waving.

Zack closed the door behind me and took my bag. I got in the front seat and we drove off. "Hi, I'm Zack. You'll probably be seeing me a lot. What's your name?" He asked me.

I smiled and looked down into my small lap. "I'm Kelsey." I said quietly.

"Dude, I'm actually pretty cool, so there is no need to be shy." He said, turning the radio down. Oh, I know that already. Instead I replied with a quiet, "That's cool. Thanks Zack." And looked at my wrist, which held the courage rune from The Mortal Instruments. "I have a lot of questions, sorry. But what's that?" He said pointing to my rune. "A rune." I said, looking out the window.

He sighed and nearly gave up on talking to me. "Who was the guy?" He asked. "Ryder? Oh my everything." I said getting excited. "He has been my only and best friend since we were 6. He stood up for me all the time, when I couldn't." I say smiling. "Stick up to what?" He asked me. This boy loves questions. "Stuff." I said.

He nodded and pulled into a driveway. The outside of the house I didn't know at all. It was the one that they just moved into. "Welcome to your new home." He said. Welcome to your tape. I didn't hate him, but I just really wanted Ryder back. "Thank you Zack." I said going to the trunk to get my bag. He took it before I could and shook his head.

"This is too heavy for you. I'm not one for pushing people down, but this is way too heavy." He said, unlocking the door. He was true, it felt like my arm was gonna come out of its socket.

I walked in and gasped, it was so pretty. "Me too." He said smiling at me. I smiled back and he looked really surprised. "What?" I laughed. "Wasn't expecting that, and you have a nice smile." He said, wanting to be kind. "Why thanks." I said, kicking myself inside. It felt like I knew them for some reason. The whole uncomfortable thing was half fake and half real.

Zack put my bag down and called out. "We've got guests!" He called out, leading me somewhere. I heard music and a video game being played really loud. "Get used to this." He said, as we laughed together. Brendon was playing GTA 5 and Sarah sat holding Penny Lane and watching.

"Man, she's here." Zack said, hitting Brendon's arm. I would typically hold my arms around myself, but couldn't at the moment. Brendon paused the game and walked over to me excited. "Hi, I'm Brendon and you're really tall." He said. "Hi, I'm Kel-" he cut me off and laughed.

"I can't you're too adorable." He said and hugged me. I flinched on the inside, he held me right where my pain was but I ignored it. I was hugging Brendon Urie. I hugged back and giggled. "Hi Kelsey." He said backing away.

Sarah walked up next and gave me a quick hug. "Hey Kelsey! I'm Sarah, it's gonna be so much fun." She said really happy. I've always wanted to meet Sarah second on my list, right after Ryan Ross.

"Hi Sarah!" I said, going in for a hug. She hugged back and then decided to show me around the house. She showed the kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, and finally my room. "We wanted you to pick out whatever you wanted, so it's bland." She said putting my bag down by my bed. It was actually really pretty. "I like bland." I said smiling to her. "What would you change?" She asked me.

"I love the color mauve." I said smiling up at her. "Hm, I'll remember that." She said and we busted out laughing. "You guys are getting along." Brendon walked in. "Definitely." Sarah said. "Like totally." Brendon said in his amazing valley girl voice.

I couldn't tell him I knew or I would've said something that had to do with I Write Sins. "What?" I said laughing. "It gets annoying after a while." Sarah whispered and Brendon playfully glared at her. I wasn't watching my mouth and I spilled. "You said it not me." I said just in the way Brendon said on stage.

He looked at me oddly and I just smiled. "What?" I laughed. He laughed along and shook his head. "Nothing, nothing." He said and went downstairs. "I'm gonna leave you to unpack." Sarah said and gave me a hug. "Thanks." I say and close my new bedroom door behind me. Shit, that was close.

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