Shadow of Doubt

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When a police officer Kate Dexter runs over a man on a dark country road, the last thing she expects to discover is that he's also been shot. Unable to get help because of the storm that caused the accident in the first place, she takes the unconscious stranger to her family's farm, intending to alert the local authorities.

Then Jonas Burke regains consciousness and his shocking blue eyes and incredibly story give her pause. Is he the victim of the conspiracy he claims? Or is he the dirty cop-turned-murderer that's the subject of a Canada-wide warrant?

With a manhunt underway for the fugitive she's now harboring, Kate finds herself torn between career or instinct. Even as everything cop in her insists she turn him over, her heart tells her he's innocent...but can she trust a heart that's gone as rogue as the cop she may be falling for?

Author: LindaPoitevin

Status: Completed

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