'Little Do You Know' - Alex and Sierra

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(Naruto's POV):

Naruto rolled over in the bed that he and Sasuke shared. Sasuke was still sound asleep, but he, however, couldn't. It wasn't for lack of effort, but whenever he fell asleep he dreamt of bad memories. Naruto didn't have the best life, but he did try to make the best of it and stay happy through it all. His motto in life was to always stay positive, and to try your hardest. And Sasuke helped him too; he was always there, supporting and loving him.

However, as happy as he might have tried to be, Naruto did have times where he just broke down and he couldn't handle it anymore. And oftentimes, it was in the middle of the night, when Sasuke lay sound asleep right beside him, not even knowing what was happening. Naruto didn't want to wake him up and be seen as a bother, either, so he just lay there quietly and let the tears run down his face while he slowly broke inside.

To be honest, Sasuke was one of the reasons that Naruto cried at night. Naruto loved him so much, with all of his heart, but Sasuke had problems with staying faithful, and it constantly hurt Naruto. Sasuke was trying harder recently to change, but it's been tough. The fact that he was even trying at all made Naruto want to forgive him, but he needed a little more time before he could do that, with all of the times that he had been hurt.

Sasuke's POV:

Beside him, Naruto flipped himself over again, presumably to hide his face and the fact that he had started crying. Sasuke knew that it was at least partially his fault, and he hated it.  He truly loved Naruto, and he wanted to make up for everything that he had done. It killed him that he had even done it, because he honestly didn't know why he had. He just.....had.

Sasuke rolled over as well to face Naruto's back, and he wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him closer to his chest. Holding him close for a few moments as Naruto slightly shuddered from crying, Sasuke retreated enough for him to gently turn Naruto over to face him. His soft blonde hair was tousled from the pillow, and his beautiful blue eyes were bloodshot from crying so much. Gently wiping away his tears, Sasuke kissed him on the forehead, and Naruto closed his eyes and laid his head on Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke knew that this was a regular occurrence, and he wished so much that it wasn't. He didn't want his Naru to hurt because of him, or because of anyone else, for that matter. He was such an amazing and wonderful person, and Sasuke often questioned if he deserved him. At times, he felt the weight of his mistakes swallow him like the rising tide, a tide where he would almost certainly drown.

But he knew that he had to be strong for Naruto, so he pushed his feelings aside and thought of him. All he could do was try to make up for the things that he had done, piece by piece. All he could do was love Naruto until his dying breath.

Both POV's:

Suddenly, Naruto stirred against Sasuke's chest. When he looked down, Naruto's beautiful blue eyes were looking up at him, and they met his own dark ones. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, trying to say everything that they could without words. 

Finally, Sasuke broke the silence and said, "Naru..... You know that I love you, right? Even though I hurt you, I don't mean to do it. I truly love you."

Naruto immediately responded, "Of course I do. I know that you're trying, and I appreciate it. I love you too. I probably always will."

Sasuke smiled softly down at him, and Naruto smiled back. Just then, Sasuke's ears caught the faint sound of music from the radio that they had in their room, and his smile grew wider. "Hey Naru, do you remember this song?"

Laughing lightly, Naruto responded, "Obviously. This is our song. The one that was playing during our first kiss."

Sasuke's smile turned into a full-blown grin. "Then how about you sing it with me?"

Naruto rolled his eyes good-naturedly, but agreed. "Fine." He chuckled.

(A/N: Sasuke is the bold, and Naruto is the italicized.)





"I love you like you've never felt the pain,"



"I promise (you)(I) don't have to be afraid, away,"

"The love you see, we're here to stay, so lay your head on me,"

"Lay your head on me,"

"So lay your head on me."

Looking deeply into Naruto's eyes, Sasuke sang the final words, "'Cuz little do you know I, I'll love you 'till the sun dies."


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