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Madison POV-

I woke up in the middle of the night which was weird, I never wake up once I'm asleep until its morning. My sheets around me were covered in sweat, I got up out my bed to get a drink of water when BANG I swear something just hit me in the stomach, the pain was excruciating I screamed out of me, the pain began to travel, down my legs, up to my arms, my body screamed as much as I was, the blurry outline of my mother stood at the door shouting at me asking me what was wrong, I tried to tell her but every time I opened my mouth to say "help" a blood curdling scream escaped my lips instead. I began to stumble out of the door pushing my mother to the floor as I did so and slowly walked down the stairs, through the kitchen and out into the back yard, what was happening, I'm not doing this, something's controlling me. Suddenly the pain got even worse I screamed even loader and in a flash my clothes had been ripped off and were on the floor and I was covered in a White fur, I tried to shout on my mother who was standing shocked at my bedroom window but when I did shout mum, a howl filled the air instead.

Blames POV-

once I got home, it was fair to say my family was pissed. My brother looked like he wanted to snap my neck, but instead of being screamed at, I was told to go straght to my room, thank god. I turned on my x-box and played call of duty, I was bad but still, who doesn't like shooting bad people? I stayed up most of the night playing, I looked at my alarm, holy shit its 2 in the morning, wow that games addicting, I was just away to crawl into bed when my phone rang, I checked the called ID it was Madison, I answered


"BLAKE YOU NEED TO GET DOWN HERE NOW SOMETHINGS HAPPENED TO MADDY" Anne screamed down the phone to me, I need no explanation. She changed

"I'll be right there"

I grabbed my car keys and sprinted down the stair and to the car and started the engine, I drove quickly to Maddison house, the house looked dead when I got there, I got out the car and knocked on the door, a very scared looking Anne appeared at the door,

"thank god, she's out in the backyard, she's turned into some monster"

I walked straight to the back of the house and there she was a beautiful White wolf, she was staring at me with big blue eyes breathing slowly, I need to phase to if I was going to speak to her, I turned to Anne

"Anne I'll explain everything once I'm done" I said, she looked at me with a strange look then nodded

I walked to the grass and phased, I saw Anne collapsing in the floor, oh no,

"Madison" I thought to her

"Blake?! Why can I hear you?" she thought back

"Wolves can hear each others thoughts" I thought back. Then Maddison fell to the floor and fainted too, then she phased back

"great" I said out loud

authors note-

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