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[mlfam 2] Waiting for the Magician  ~ Prologue

 They have all been broken.

Hearts waiting to be healed by another heart yet yearning for the heart that broke it to come back.

They have all been fooled by love.

Yet they still cling to that love.

They have been all waiting for true love to come.

Yet their hearts are still blind by the old flame and they just can’t see that the person in front of them are clearly their one true love.

How long are they going to play hide and seek?

How long are they going to fool themselves and still think that the one who left will come back?

How long are they going to wait?

Is waiting enough to make sure that the flame of love would still be there when the one who left comes back?

How long are they going to run from those feelings?

Feelings that they just can’t hide anymore.

“Only love can heal a heart that was hurt by love.”

They have all been hurt but will they let others heal what has been broken all this time?

They all believe in “True Love.”

But are they really sure that if it is “True Love” then it is always a happy ending?

It doesn’t mean that you are meant for each other you’re going to end up together because sometimes fate butts in and we can never win against something that we can never predict.

Love is all about timing, if you don’t say the right thing at the right moment you lose.

Loving someone so much can be the hardest thing to do because someday you might not know how to let go.

When it comes to love all we have to do is wait for the right one to come.

Waiting doesn’t mean you’re weak it only means that you don’t want to be hurt because of too much anticipation.

Waiting and learning how to let go that’s the most important thing in every love story you will encounter. 


Hello again! It's nice to be back and be able to write the new beginning of my beloved characters.  I know I know my prologue is not that nice I really can't write beautiful things hehe but well ayan yung nakaya ko so ayan po ang prologue ng book two. Hope you like it and please do vote and comment. Ah right this is the book two of my first story "My Love for a Magician." kung hindi pa po nababasa please read it. Pero kung ayaw niyo naman ok lang din basahin niyo nalang ang book two dahil malalaman niyo din naman yung nangyari sa book one sa book two eh hehe. Ah right. Sa mga old readers ko at comment niyo din yung best love teams na sa tingin niyo dapat magkatuluyan in the end. Anyway glad to be back again!

Ah right video of the characters for the book two andiyan din mga kalove teams nila hehe. Click the external link for the book one.


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