Chapter 6 || EDITED

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"The way, you smile is enough to lighten up my world "


Up the hill, there's a two figure sitting under a shed of a tall and big tree. The two of them are silent yet they enjoy each other's company, the lady whom staring in awe at the sun that is slowly setting cannot stop the loving gaze, that the man gave, still unnoticed by her.

Her eyes spark at the beautiful scenery but the man cannot avert his eyes away from this maiden. He slowly caresses the wrist that he used to hold, checking if he dragged her too hard or if there are some bruises.

They are too far, from everyone else, and appreciating the moment that they currently have.


"Nae Min-ah! Are you alright?! Tell me! If you're feeling hurt! Are you hungry? Are you tired? Are you in p-!" Hae Soo's words were cut off as Nae Min pinches Hae Soo's cheeks. She smiled sweetly at her and then pinching hard, which made Hae Soo to whine and cry comically.

"You are such a worrywart, Hae Soo-ah. I am fine; he didn't do anything to me. So stop freaking out, will you?" She feels so important, and loved seeing Hae Soo in a state of gushing over her. She chuckles and poke Hae Soo's nose and hug her gently.

"Although, I would like to thank you for being such a good and caring friend. Even though we're not blood-related, you still treated me as a sister. For that, I am thankful." Hae Soo's eyes suddenly brimmed with tears and hugged her back. She feel so complete, feeling loved by Nae Min, she doesn't feel out too when Myung Hee showered her with affections. Hae Soo feels so complete feeling the love and affection they give.

"Gomawo, Nae Min-Unnie; Gomawo" as she cried silently at their embrace and just let the tears streamed down freely. Nae Min just smiled sadly, thinking the past once again, but just let herself drown in the warmth that Hae Soo emits. From the corner, Myung Hee just observed the two, and smiled happily seeing their lovely interactions. She cannot ask for more, as doesn't need material things but all she need is love and family.




The Princes are currently in a meeting, that is currently lead by Wang Wook; the Eight Prince of Goryeo. Based on the expression that plastered all over his face. Clenched jaw and stern gaze; that was his expression. Silence overwhelmed the room that they are currently in.

" So, you didn't need to say those words to Yeon-Hwa. You don't know how hurt she is. She is still your sister! Our sister!" Wang Wook raised his voice for the first time. All of his brothers, excet Wang So stared at him with a curious expression. Seeing that this is the first time that he raised his voice to his brothers.

"Hurt? Why whould she? She almost hurt Nae Min, isn't she a part of your residence? Although, she is not a part of your family." Wang So smirked at him with a knowing look. Baek-ah only sighed and looked away, while Eun just looked at the two brothers that are slowly entering a heated argument.

"Do not talk as if you know something!? You know nothing, So! Nae Min is already a part of my family! Whether you like it or not!" He glared at Wang So as he slammed both of his hands on the table.

"Know nothing? Are you blind, Wook? Yeon-Hwa almost slapped Nae Min and you did nothing but stared." He stated in a matter of fact, and placed his chin on his right palm.

Silence occurred once again, as Wang So and Wang Wook stared at each other in other words they are glaring. A noise of a chair being pushed back resonated the room as Wang So stood up and stared at Wook with a smug look.

"Well, let me tell you something then. No matter what you do, what's mine is mine." As he completely walked out at the meeting room. Deep inside, he was feeling proud at the words that he told Wook.

Somehow, he wanted to see Nae Min again. To see her smile and then embrace her -- 'wait! What am I thinking?' As he clutched the fabric where his heart was placed. Feeling flustered and embarrassed, he walk in a fast pace and completely want to reach his place.




"W-wait! Your Highness! Where do you taking me?" As he continue to pull her and gently wrapped his arms around her wrist. When he suddenly stopped from his tracks when he reached their destination.

Up the hill, a big tree is standing tall with its massive branches and luxurious shade of a green leaves. The sun is currently high and almost setting the vanished through the horizon. Wang So turned to her as he slowly held her wrist while looking at her eyes.

"U-uh. Your Highness? What are we doing here? I think we must go back; I need to tend Lady Hae's needs. Also, Hae Soo might be looking for me an-" her words were cut off with a gaze that's Wang So currently had in his stare.

"Let stay here for the mean time. Can we? It's alright if you don't want to talk. I just want to have a company." As he slowly pulled her down to a sit as he lean his back to the tree.

"O-oh? Alright then, but please. Do let me stay here for long, I still have duties." As she bowed her head and play with the hem of her hanbok.

"I know, I don't want to stop you either. I just wanted to feel your presence." She shyly smiled at him and nodded with a pink hue dusted on her cheeks. His heart soared high when he witness her smile, unknowingly he give her a faint gentle smile.



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