Part 58*

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The turbulence lasted for about a half an hour. And this entire time Sumo was holding onto Shravan as if life depended on it. Of cource, Shravan was enjoying the promiximy and taking full advantage of the situation. He constantly squeezed her petite body and showered her with kisses to divert her mind. After a while, it ended and the flight resumed to it's smooth ride, soaring through the sky.

Pilot: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We will be begin to descend the aircraft shortly. Please return back to your seats and fasten your seatbelts. Thank you.

Shravan: (sitting up straight) Ok Sumo, we are going to land soon. You need to sit up and put your seat belt on.

Sumo did as she was told. She buckled her seat beat and looked out of the window. They began to descend slowly from the clouds and into clearer skies. As each minute passes, the view became clearer and clearer until finally, the sight of the city came into view.

Sumo was mesmerized by the view

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Sumo was mesmerized by the view. She could see the landscape now, filled with tall building, lit up as the sun was close to setting. Her eyes diverted to a river, the Thames, she supposed. There were magnificent bridges and small cars rolling through the narrow streets. She had heard that the city was beautiful, but to experience this, was a whole different story. It was royal and she was no doubt enjoying this sight.

Shravan: Like what you see?  (Smirking)

Sumo: This is beyond amazing Shravan!! I can't believe that you actually lived here!! You are so lucky!!!

Shravan: You know we can always move here if you want. I have my own house. Just think about it, me and you. No one will ever disturb us, bother us or hurt us. No Ma, no Aditya, no Verma.

Sumo: (looking at Shravan) I know you don't want to stay home Shravan. But running away from problems doesn't solve anything. It just makes things worse.

Shravan: Sorry.

Sumo: Don't be. And as for you offer. I don't want to move here.

Shravan: (looking away) I understand.

Sumo: Hold on Mr. Malhotra. But I do want to come here! Once a year won't hurt right??! Maybe this can be our little escape place. When we get tired of the world, we can just come here. Me and you, and plus you even have a house here right? (Smiling)

Shravan: (smiling) Of course we can! Promise Sumo!! I will take you out here once every year!

Sumo: Deal?

Shravan: Deal!!

The flight began to drop lower and lower, decreasing the altitude and leaving an uneasy feeling in Sumo's stomach. She held tight to Shravan's hand and looked out of the window. The cars we getting bigger and bigger and the view of the city even more clear. Out of the window, she spotted the blinking lights that were also at the Delhi Airport.

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