They Don't Know

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Benson's POV

This is stupid! I had to break up with Mordecai! Just because of Rigby! Just because Rigby wanted him! Just because of his stupid.

Ugh!!! He is so ugh!!!

I hate his behavior, most likely the whole him! 😡

"It's not you it's me."

It's just for a week. Calm down

I kept on crying at the staircase until Y/N noticed me.

(Y/N): Benson? Why are you crying? Was it Mordecai?

Me: Yes. It is Mordecai 😩

(Y/N): Need a shoulder to cry on?

Me: I guess

(Y/N): Want fries?

She said, handing me over fries

Me: Sure..

I took one and thanked her.

Me: Thanks for the fries Y/N 🍟

(Y/N): Nothing at all

Me: Aww. Uhm. In the meanwhile, can we hang out?

(Y/N): Yeah, sure 😁

Me: Thanks❤

Somehow I felt better when I was with her, we went to Wing Kingdom, to the movies

I kinda touched her hand when we were taking a popcorn 🍿 lol.

It's cliché but it's okay.

We also went to an arcade, which kinda surprised me since we never went there before.

She beat me in some sort of a game we never played before.

(Y/N): OOOHH!! I couldn't believe we'd beat each other's butts in these kind of video games!

Me: Hahaha. Yeah

I saw Mordecai, Sam, that white-haired boy and "Leni" but I didn't mind and we both got out of the arcade and went to my car.

(Y/N): So what's next?

Me: Let's go somewhere where I could tell you things.

(Y/N): Uhh. Sure?

I drove her to a coffee shop where we can see the city, the lights and stuff were beautiful so as Y/N, but I didnt tell her.

Me: What coffee would you like?

(Y/N): Choco Frappe with whip cream? I think

Me: Just wait here.

I went back with our coffees and I just ordered a Caramel latte.

Me: I liked this coffee shop, it's like a dream.

(Y/N): You're being cheesy man! Haha!

She faked punched my arm but it kinda hurt.

Me: Ow

(Y/N): Oh I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! Are you okay?

Me: Ow. The injury inside me. It hurts.

(Y/N): Inside you?

Me: Nah just kidding! Haha! Got you!

(Y/N): I thought you're still "broken" into pieces.

Me: Uhm. Actually, I'm thankful you were there for me.

(Y/N): How could you be so happy now? I mean, I was never a reason for someone to be happy.

Me: Why not? I mean you're cool and stuff, I actually think you are cool, and cute.

(Y/N): Uhmm. Thanks?

She slightly blushed

Me: I mean. I think you are a reason for some people to be happy. Like me. You're the reason I'm happy. Thank you so much..

I kissed her cheek..

She started blushing harder..

(Y/N): I think we should see each other tomorrow eh? 😳

Me: Yeah. Sure.

We drank our coffee and stared at each other and the scenery for a while.. It's kinda late now, it was 10PM that time. ☕

We got out and went to my car, I took her to her apartment, and I went back to mine..

I did my stuff and went to bed

I wrote on my journal again


Dear Omniscience,

It was three days since I "broke up" with Mordecai. 💔

But in the meanwhile, somehow I'm falling for Y/N, or did I? Or I just wanted someone to hang with?

I just wanna check out, I hope I'd find out soon before April 15


Benson Dunwoody❤

Omniscience's POV

Somehow you and Benson were hanging out lately, you told stories about each other, hanged out with each other You guys were happy. Somehow. Till you thought, would he fall for you?

Would he like you above Mordecai? Would he stop being a gay for you?

Would he?

They don't know

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