My little uke- @Storm-Curiosity

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Request from @Storm-Curiosity, hope you like it!!!


Name: Mikonee Kimura

Nickname: Storm, Miko, Kimura

Appearance: long brown hair that goes to waist, blue eyes, slender figure

Virgin: yes

Clothes: black tank top, brown shorts, averge size chest,

Baby daddy: no

Personality: can be stubborn, head strong, reckless, sometimes don't listen, loves her friends

Crush: Kiba

stop. LEMON TIME!!!

Right now me and Kiba were just chillin in his house alone talking about random shit,

"Miko chan~" kiba, my boyfriend sang

"Yes" I sternly replied

"Sooo, if we were to have sex... who do you think be would uke and who would be seme" he randomly questioned me

"Wh-what are you ta-talking about" I blushed not expecting that question

"You know what I said but I think I would be seme... Obviously" he bluntly said

"Uh-uhh~ it would be me"

"To be uke? Ya I know"

"No! That's not what I-ugh"

"Hehehe someone having trouble my little uke"

"I'm not yours or anyone's uke!"

"Well why don't we find out" he said picking me up bridal style and bringing me up to his room smirking.

"Okay" I said hopping down from his hold and slamming my lips onto his passionately.

He did it right back so I took it a step farther and broke the kiss for only a second to take his shirt off,

shoving my tongue right back into his mouth and trailing my hands all over his body I realized that he wasn't trying, oh well his loss

I trailed my finger tips along his muscles pulling away from the kiss again and licked his jaw line once before I moved down and licked his nipple roughly...

Then I bit down

"Uunnmm" he moaned I simply smirked and took off his jeans and kissed his boner through his white boxers,

You could see it twitch through them.

I then got on my knees and slipped off his boxers leaning forward to lick the tip, to that I got a twitch and a groan so

I slowly licked up to the tip and took the tip in my mouth sucking on that

"Enough of this" he moaned grabbing my hair and shoving my head down on his dick,

We've done oral before so I'm used to his size but he did something that surprised me... He let go of my hair so I just went with it

Whatever he's planning I'll find out what it is sooner or later he cumed in my mouth and I swallowed it all taking it out of my mouth making a popping sound and licked my lips

In a bit I had all of my clothes off and getting tired of doing stuff to him so I just laid down on the bed

"Am I seme now" he piped up

"Seme!?! For like a half an hour I was doing random shit to you!!!"

"I know I was letting you cause now that you're stressed, this'll feel ten times better"and then he pecked my lips,

Oh so this is what he was planning,

And moved downwards to my neck since he knows my soft spot already he attacked that one spot and made me moan as soon as his tongue made contact with my skin

Biting and sucking to his hearts desire while I was loving this moment as he started messaging my boobs as well

He then kissed down to my boobs and started sucking on them nipping at them and it was a perfect feeling,

He moved to my next breast and gave it the same treatment

"It feels so go-good kiba~" I moaned to him and felt him smirk against my boob

Next he licked my tummy down to my crotch and sucked roughly on my delicate flower

"Mmmnnn" I moaned I mean this literally felt like I was in heaven

This kept up until I finally came in his mouth to which he licked up all of my juices and climbed back up

Slamming into me without a single warning

"ARGHH!!" I screamed losing your virginity hurts!! Man it really hurts!

I got occupied by him kissing me and shoving his tongue down my throat once the pain subsided I let out a humongous moan

He smiled starting to move slowly in a teasing manner

"More~" I moaned

"Only if I'm seme"

"Fine, but ple-ease mo-ore"

And that triggered something inside of him to make him start humping like crazy

After a bit I could feel a knot in my stomach

"Kiba-a I'm gonna c-cum" I warned

"Go ahead, cum all over me baby" he said

In a second he hit one spot

"KIBA~" I scream yelled my walls tightening around him making him cum as well

"MIKONEE!!!" He yelled my name Collapsing on top of me and pecking my lips

"I love you" he said seriously

"I love you too" I giggled panting

He just chuckled and pulled the blankets over top of us

"Go to sleep, my little uke"
I hope you liked it @Storm-Curiosity ;) more requests please I'll start them ASAP!!!

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