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I Don't Own Bunk'd I Only Own Lilly!!

Lilly's POV:

Me:*I'm walking in the woods with Griff and Jorge**walks into barn*

Jorge:Lilly,Griff I would like you to meet my new best friend ,Wildfire!*points to small pony*

Griff:Oh. When you said we were gonna play with Wildfire I was thinking this to be a bit more..fun.

Me:*sequels**let's go of Griff's hand**runs to wildfire*You so cute!!*pets wildfire*


Me:Well your handsome but not like wildfire.

Jorge:Looks like Wildfire stole your girlfriend.

Ravi:*comes in*OK campers,I have some very exciting news to share.

Jorge:Your going to let wildfire move into our cabin?!? He's gonna need to sleep by the window though,because he gets a little gassy.

Me:*stands up and takes Griff's hand*


Ravi:Anyway I was talking about the camp art auction. The WHOLE town is coming. And Gladys put me*puts hand on chest*in charge. Ovie,as all my friends know am an art efisenato.

Me:Ravi,litterly no one knew that.*shakes head*

Ravi:I need you each to do a painting for the auction. Gladys needs money to buy a "rump plumber* which apparently plumbs your rump.


Ravi:Anywho,if we have any money left over Gladys said we can use it to buy a telescope for the camp!

Griff:Or we could buy a microdrone to hover over the girls-

Me:*looks at him* Really?

Griff:Since I value my life, I won't finish that sentence.

Me:*hums in response* Good choice.


Me:*finishes painting*(I'm on my bed in the grizzly cabin**goes outside and sees Sophie's head down*(Lilly's painting is below)

Me:*finishes painting*(I'm on my bed in the grizzly cabin**goes outside and sees Sophie's head down*(Lilly's painting is below)

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Ravi:And here comes the mom.

Me:It's OK Sophie. I think the vase is darling. How about you go play? You can play with my crayons.

Sophie:*perks up*OK thanks Lilly*hugs me and runs off*

Me:*sits next to Griff*Hey Griffy!*pecks Griff's cheek*

Jorge:*comes up and shows his painting*Done,now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna play horse shoes with wildfire. Or as he calls them " shoes."

Ravi:Jorge I cannot sell this. If you were my son I would not even hang it on the refrigerator.

Me:Because you couldn't life it?

Everyone except Ravi:*laughs*

Ravi:*looks at Griff and I* Griff,please you have something better.

Griff:*stands up and shows his painting*I do. I call it "sad boy" an exploration*looks at Ravi dramitctailly*in crayon.

Ravi:I call it "terrible"!

Ravi:What about you Lilly?

Me:*shows him my picture*

Ravi:Very good Lilly!*takes my painting**looks at Griff and Jorge*there is an elephant in Toland that can paint better that you. His art sells for thousands of dollars!

Griff:Well call him so I can take your sister on a date.

Ravi:Look,I promised Gladys big bucks so she can ruck up her trunk! So start over,except you Lilly your doing great.*leaves*

Me:*sits next to Griff*

Jorge and Griff:*talking about wildfire*


Mr:*It's time for the auction and I haven't seen Griff of Jorge all day**sees Griff and Jorge**runs to them*What's up guys?*sees them covered in paint* Why are you guys coverd in paint?

Jorge:*shakes head*Don't ask,just don't ask.

Me:So Griff*turns to him*Still up for woodchuck karoke night!?!(Lou let Lilly invite Griff)


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