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Out Most Lunacy

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~Ok so first story and all so i'm sorry if my writing is weak~

Picture on the right is the acadamey but imagin it more clean and livley lookin.


We live in a world full with vampires. This is not Earth this is Amaris, child of the moon a world created from Earth. Earth is entirely in another galaxy. You can say people in Amaris are not entirely human. They look and seem human but they are almost like vampires. They have the strength and immortality but they don’t need blood to survive.

“Amaris was born from Earth when a human named Hadrian cast a spell to stay with his loved one, a vampire. He made up his mind that he would die and she will live on so he found a book of spells and cast a spell to live forever. But of course he was no witch just a human so he had no idea what he was doing and instead he cast a spell that would make another galaxy entirely and of course the planet Amarias. This spell took all the mythical creatures out of Earth like werewolf’s, witches, and vampires and send them to Amaris along with humans but it only took the humans that were pure evil and had no single goodness inside their hearts and turned them into vampires except they do not drink blood. For the first 100 years Amarias was a blood bath world. Filled with pure evilness the creatures turned against each other starting a war. Most of them survived only because they all decided to live in separate parts of the planet. The humans that got turned took the west side, witches the south, werewolf’s the north, and vampires took the east. But the witches and werewolf’s are hiding some people even think they don’t exist anymore since they have never been seen again before the treaties so as time went on the vampires spread across the witches and werewolf’s territory and started a war but that did not last as the vampires won and the witches and werewolf’s took into hiding. But over the last couple thousand years creatures started evolving and made new creatures what Earth used to have like dragons, Serpent demons, plain old demons, and every single vile creature you can think about to this day.” The history instructor Mr. Donald explained as the bell rang ending his lecture.

Isn’t it kind of ironic how love can be the happiest thing but also cause the most pain but that doesn’t stop people from wanting it.

I am an 11th grader or so I look like one but that doesn’t matter I still have classes to go to no matter how old I am.

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