Dirfting Part 5.

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Betrayed. Broken. Stupid. Those are the only words that could describe how I felt right now. Everyone looked at her shocked while she covered her mouth and Justin stood there smirking. I felt like I was paralysed, its like my whole body just froze and as for my voice. I felt like I didn't have one.

Abel:"You girls knew all of this and didn't tell us! You didn't even tell her!"He said raising his voice. The guys seemed pissed which meant that they didn't know any of this.

Zayn:"What the hell!"He yelled making them all flinch. They were all yelling while I was still frozen in my spot looking at the ground when everyone went dead silent from all the yelling.

Taco:"Y/n?"He asked snapping me out of my shocked state. I just looked up and tried to talk but nothing came out. Hailey walked to me making me pull away.

Y/n:"Don't touch me"I said moving her hands away. I was broken and I knew that they knew that.


Y/n:"I was foolish to even think that you could love me. No one can love someone who's been broken from the beginning of time and I was even more foolish to think that you could that you could fix me"I said my voice cracking at the end"I don't want to have anything to do with you or any of you"I said looking at the girls"As for Kendall and Kylie"I said making them look at me scared"We're no longer considered family.....our families just know each other and that's it. You aren't my friends and you sure as hell aren't my family and that goes for all of you"I said making them all frown"The guys have been there for me and that's the only people I want in my life"I said.


Y/n:"And as for you...."I said walking over to Justin who's smirk fell as soon as I stood in front of him. I was taller then him so it gave me more satisfaction. I punched him square in the jaw making them all gasp and the guys just stand there and watch me. Hailey ran by his side making me heart break a little more"Be very careful of your moves during these few days"I said making them all look at me scared"And if I were you I'd sleep with one eye open"I said looking at him. I started walking to the door when a hand gripped my wrist.

Kendall:"Y/n please can we please talk?" She asked.

Y/n:"Go ask your boyfriend"I said coldly making her let go of my hand and frown. I walked out of her house with the guys following me.

Hailey:"Y/n!"She said making me stop"Can we talk please"She said. I looked at her and laughed making them all look at me confused.

Y/n:"You wanna talk?"I asked looking at her"Lets talk"I said standing in front of her"How long?"I asked making her look down"How long?"I asked again.

Hailey:"From the night of the Gala"She said making me nod and turn around.

Y/n:"You've been cheating on me for three weeks....three weeks was all it took for him to get into your pants as well"I said turning around to face her.

Bella:"Y/n"She said in a warning tone.

Y/n:"No"I said looking at all of them"She wanted to talk so I'm gonna talk"I said looking at her"I gave you everything Hailey and you know what, I regret it cause if you know how I feel right now....god it feels like someone is constantly stabbing me in the heart and don't even ask me how I'm able to look at you without wanting to ball my eyes out. I've been cheated on, I've had my heart broken to the point where I thought I wasn't able to love again and then you come and  it just shows that Lauren wasn't a mistake cause right now its you"I said looking her dead in the eyes.

Kylie:"Y/n"She said sternly.

Y/n:"I'm not done"I said looking at them"You can do and see whoever you want but I just have one question to ask you"I said making her look at me"Do you always lead people on? Make them fall in love with you and then just drift away"I asked.

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