Telling Her Parents + Girls Night

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I know I haven't written this for awhile but I've been focused on my other stories.

Most of this chapter is based at the Berry Household (remember awhile ago Ryley moved there).

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"When are you going to tell you're parents?" Rachel asks Ryley while their eating dinner. Hiram and Leroy had to go to a wedding of an old friend of their and weren't back till after the weekend.

"Tonight. Puck's coming over and we're skyping them." Ryley says and scoops some food into her mouth.

"Well, good luck." Rachel says as she takes her plate to the sink.


Puck arrived later in the evening to find Ryley on her laptop in her bedrom.

"What you doing?" Puck asks.

"Nothing." Ryley says and quickly slams her computer lid down.

"Let me see." Puck says and tries to lift the computer lid up but Ryley continues to lean on it.

"Its nothing." Ryley says.

"I know your weakness." Puck says.

"Don't you dare, Puckerman!" Ryley protests.

He leans down and kisses her and she puts her arms around the back of his head. Puck quickly opens up the computer and pulls it away from Ryley.

"Aha!" Puck says and sits on her bed, looking at the computer.

"Damn your amazing kissing skills, Puckerman." Ryley says and pouts.

He stares at the laptop.

"Baby names already?" Puck says, confused.

Ryley sits next to Puck on her bed.

"If it's a girl, I'd like to call her Aroha." Ryley says and smiles.

"Aroha?" Puck asks, even more confused.

"It means love in Maori. Maori is the second most popular language in New Zealand." Ryley explains.

"What about for a boy?" Puck asks.

"That is still being decided. I was googling jewish boy names since you're jewish." Ryley says, pointing at the computer in Puck's hands.

He kisses her.

"I love you." She says when theypart.

"I love you too." He says and puts the computer back on her desk.

"When are we video chatting your parents?" Puck asks.

"I'll text them." Ryley says and takes her phone out. Puck stands up and looks around her room.

He looks at some of the photos on the walls. Some of her family and old friends from New Zealand. He spots an album labelled 'My 2nd Family'. The first page is a photo of the New Directions at Regionals. He flips the page to see Ryley with Kurt, Rachel, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany and a label reading 'My Best Friends'. On the other side is Ryley and Santana with 'Partners in Crime'. He turns the page to see Ryley and Rachel a label reading 'BFFs'. He flips through the rest of the album to see photos of Ryley and Finn trying to dance with 'The Can't Dancers'. Others are of Ryley with other Glee Club photos (there's even one that just has Quinn in it and the label says 'Queen B****'. Puck laughed at that) He found the last page and it was of Ryley and him, kissing with a label reading 'My One True Love'. Puck smiles.

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