Facts 44

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1. Shawn said that his favorite song to perform live is, Bad Reputation.

2. Shawn gave a fan his water bottle when she asked if she could keep it at his q&a in Vienna, Austria.

3. Shawn was inspired to write, There's Nothing Holding Me Back when he read a movie script and fell in love with the main character of it in the script so he decided to write a song.

3. Shawn said that if he could only listen to one song for the rest of his life it would be, Thinking Out Loud, by Ed Sheeran.

4. A fan kissed Shawn on the neck while he was meeting them all in Milan and Shawn didn't notice until Jake (his security guard) wiped off the lipstick.

5. Shawn said that he doesn't like to rehearse that much before shows since then he might forget what to do and he just thinks that not all of it should be rehearsed.

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